Please HELP My Daughter!

My name is Sharon H., and I moved to Yelm, Washington 20 years ago to become a student of RSE. I left my only child, Susan, happily married for 2 years in Utah. On May 5, 2017, she arrived home from working at Walmart to find that her husband of 23 years had taken her 3 children and filed a restraining order against her. He said he feared she was taking the children to live in Washington where her mother lived and he would never see them again. Three weeks later the court found that her husband's claims were without merit and she got her children back. However, as of July 9, this has turned into a mean-spirited divorce with her husband's attorney slow walking the process leaving her without any child support to this date. Although Susan works full time she has limited resources to pay for attorney fees. I live on Social Security and even together we do not have the ability to cover her legal fees. I have started the Go Fund Me program to help with these coasts. The next court is July 26th at which time there will be at least the resolution of child support. Susan appreciates and desperately needs any financial help you can give which will allow her to pay her attorney for the fight he is waging on her and her children's behalf.

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