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The following was received by us in an email from several MC2020 readers and the picture is also shown with a similar story in the RSE newsletter:

"There was a HUGE fire that affected Cordoba - Argentina, not only the forests but also the homes and properties of lots of people.  The firemen couldn't stop it, 450 people had to be evacuated.  The amazing thing is that one front of the fire stopped and extinguished exactly on the fence line of a property where there is settled a community of RSE students from Argentina called Yacanto.  Together they all focused on stopping the fire.
When I saw the picture it blew my mind!"

Fire in Cordoba, Argentina stopped at fence of RSE student community



0 #1 Jayne Buchanan 2013-09-22 09:51
Wonderful focus and "living on sacred ground that not even nature can change this destiny". Thanks

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