I manifested my FIRST CARD!!!

I have to share this with someone, and it did not seem appropriate to do so with the websupport...
Today I manifested my FIRST CARD!!! I AM sooo excited!!! I did the C & E session after Ramtha, and then went back out to the field...
I attached 3 pictures to show the little "field" I have at home...the actual card focused upon and my husband took the one with me just after getting it.
I AM very appreciative to have Ramtha/JZ and You(The School) to learn and share this with...Love Kathy
WOW!!!!!!! Now I can better understand what has been talked about in all these teachings...

Part 2
I designed the new card...Did C&E and out to the field...It felt like I was going in circles today...and some frustration started to rise, and a voice wanting to quit...I instantly pruned the 30+ year old program...reset with determination...focused...and walked right into the card!!! A shift of WILL was all it took...
My husband is somewhat astonished...tee hee...Love Kathy




0 #3 Willa 2012-05-05 20:20
Conggrats, that is fabulous. I have to do some field work. :-)
0 #2 Pierre Michaud 2012-05-05 13:01
Thank You for sharing a moment of JOY with me (Us).
You Are Beautiful My friend.
Now You know. How it is accomplish.
0 #1 aurora 2012-05-05 11:59
Well done!! I have roots and holes in my yard that make me wonder if its risky to use it as a field, but now I will find a way to adapt it!

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