Recipe of the Week - Quick Easy Bean Dip

Try this quick easy bean dip by using a variety of beans, you can make this using pinto, kidney or black beans.

Grind dried beans into a fine bean powder using your grain mill. In a medium pan bring to boil 4 cups of water, add bean flour to the water and lower the temperature to simmer. Add your spices, stirring while the beans cook. If you do not allow the bean flour to cook for a few minutes it will taste raw. Keep cooking for about 5 minutes, adding additional water if necessary. You can serve with freeze dried grated cheese, chips, vegetables, cracker, crispy pita bread or use to fill a tortilla for a burrito or use for tostadas. You can add onions, green chilies, anything you like, serve with additional salsa. Yummy!

From page 125 of Jan’s Fabulous food storage recipes

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Jan LeBaron
Healthy Harvest



0 #1 Tracey 2011-07-02 06:46
Sounds like a great recipe. I'm not that familiar with cooking with beans, how many cups of beans and/or bean flour do I need for the 4 cups of water?

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