Recipe of the Week - Lemon Snow

Lemon Snow
- Submitted by Cornelia O'Leary of NatureWise Farm

This is a delicious quickie economical dessert which provides a refreshing lemon finish to any dinner.
Preparation time: 10 min
Serves 4

  • 1 packet of Lemon (curd) Pie Filling Mix. Better if organic ( Dr Oetker Organics is the only one I know) or you can even make your own. (for example this internet recipe
  • 1 white from egg yolk usually used in the preparation of the lemon filling. You can use a second egg white if a more ‘fluffy’ effect is preferred.
  • Optional: Cream, grated chocolate or rainbow cake decorations

Cook contents of packet of lemon filling in a saucepan according to the directions on the packet. This usually involves the addition of an egg yolk. When cooked allow to cool for at least 5 mins.
Meanwhile, whisk the separated egg white until white and stiff (enough to be able to form peaks when lifted) and airy. When the lemon filling is cool enough not to ‘melt’ the stiff egg white, gently fold the egg white into the filling until relatively even but keeping some airiness. Do not stir.
Pour the mixture into stemmed glasses or dessert bowls and place in the fridge to cool further and set (at least 1-2 hours).
Optional extras: just before serving, lightly sprinkle grated chocolate or rainbow cake decorations on top of the cream.


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