Recipe of the Week - Steamed vegetables with potatoes with leeks

Steamed vegetables with potatoes with leeks.
- Submitted by Cornelia O'Leary of NatureWise Farm

Preparation and cook time 30 mins.
Serves 4.
This simple low-cost recipe works is one of my favorites. It works best with organic vegetables and ingredients as the flavors emerge and develop better. The other vegetables, especially the potatoes get lightly flavored with the leeks to give exquisite subtle taste to all the vegetables.

Ingredients (organic):
4 -8 potatoes, preferably German butternut variety
4-6 leeks
1lb green cabbage, sliced
4-6 carrots
Fresh green beans.
Salt and pepper to taste

Thoroughly washed unpeeled and cut into 1” pieces. Put 2 inches water in a pot with steamer and bring to boil while you head and tail (and peel off outer layer if necessary), wash and cut leeks into 3/4 inch pieces.
Slice part or all (depending on size) of a clean cabbage head.
Clean, peel and slice carrots.
When the water is boiled turn to simmer and add the potato to the steamer basket and cover. After 5 mins., add half the leeks. Cover these with the cabbage and then another layer of the remainder of the leeks. After another 10 mins add the carrots. Cook for another 10 mins i.e., 30 mins in total. By then all the vegetable should be cooked but test the potatoes with a fork.
Serve on a warmed dinner plate with salt and pepper to taste and butter to melt on the potatoes and vegetables. If you do not have German butternut or similar brand of potatoes, I suggest making mash potatoes with less buttery (white) varieties.
This dish is delicious in its own right but wonderful too with steamed salmon (which can be placed on top of the carrots at the same time as they are added to the steamer) or as a vegetable accompaniment to any meat dish.


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