Shipping Container Housing

Inspiration for featuring shipping container housing came from a recent trip to the Mother Earth Expo. There was a great example of a container house all fitted out for comfortable living on display at the expo. As we walked through, I thought of many people I knew who would love to have a simple, inexpensive alternative type home with this.

As you can see by following the links below, container homes range from sophisticated to humble and all points in between. The purpose of highlighting container homes is to start a conversation about alternative housing. Let us hear from you. With all the creativity in our community, there must be some other innovative shelter ideas.

Click Here for: Exceptional Container Home by and for Industrial Designer Debbie Glassberg
Click Here for: Twelve amazing shipping container houses
Click Here for: Solar Powered Sunset Idea House 2011
Click Here for: Yellow Shipping Container Home Shows Off Small Space Living


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