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Happy Hovel Foods encourages supermarket additions to your future needs.
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We at Happy Hovel Foods realize that we all could do with some extra help amassing our much needed food storage. We have collected a list of foods and other items that can be safely purchased from local food clubs and supermarkets: Costco, Sam’s Club, Asian Markets, Cash & Carry, and Trader Joe‘s. This list serves all countries on our planet. As we write this, countries all over our planet are experiencing Floods, Snow, Droughts, Earthquakes, and Tsunamis with their attendant effects. With these increased anomalies affecting our ability to rely on the fact that certain foods and other needs may not be available in our near future, now is the time for making those additions to a safer and more comfortable future. We at Happy Hovel Foods have compiled a list of “Food Suggestions” that can be “put up” in convenient and inexpensive ways.

All products purchased in metal cans and glass containers will support you for a number of years — no matter the “Best-by date.” You only need to make sure that all metal canned products and glass canned products be kept in a dark, cool location and that no moisture be in contact with any metal. Moisture will incur rust, and this needs to be prevented at all costs!!

A short story of canned foods:
During World War I (1914-to 1918), canned foods were the only available safe way to use for the Armed Forces. After World War I, there was a great deal of canned food products left over. These same canned products from World War I were then given to the armed forces of World War II in 1944. These canned products stood the test of time. The only thing done to these canned items was they were given a good coat of grease to the outer cans. This kept them rustproof for all those years, and they were kept in a cool location!

You will find the products that will be useful to your future in the following pages.
The List
1.All fruits in glass or metal containers(Costco, Sam’s Trader Joe’s)
2.Canned Salmon(Costco, Sam’s, Trader Joe’s)
3.Canned Sardines(Costco, Sam’s, Trader Joe’s)
4.Canned Coconut Milk(Asian Markets, Trader Joe’s)
5.Canned Soups(Costco, Sam’s, Trader Joe’s)
6.Canned Vegetables(Costco, Sam’s, Trader Joe’s)
7.Canned Chicken(Costco, Sam’s, Trader Joe’s)
8.Canned Evaporated Milk(Costco, Sam’s,)
9.Canned Condensed Milk(Costco, Sam’s,)
10.Canned Olives(Costco,Sam’s, Trader Joe’s)
11.Canned Tomato(Costco, Sam’s, Trader Joe’s)
12.Canned Tomato Pasta Sauce(Costco, Sam’s, Trader Joe’s)
13.Canned Coffee(Costco, Sam’s, Trader Joe’s)
14.Canned Chili(Costco, Sam’s, Trader Joe’s)
15.Canned Baked Beans(Costco, Sam’s, Trader Joe’s)
As you have gathered, anything in a can and/or glass jar will survive. These items are packed in liquid, which is great, and you can just heat them up in a pinch.
16.All jams and Jellies(Costco, Sam’s, Trader Joe’s)
17.Most spices and Herbs(Cash & Carry, the least Expensive)
18.Bag of Salt, a must-have(Costco, Sam’s, Cash & Carry)
19.Bag of Sugar, a must-have(Costco, Sam’s, Cash & Carry)
20.Brown Sugar 
21.Tea Bags — Pack these using a food saver(Costco for both)
22.Dry Pasta(Costco, Sam’s, Cash & Carry)
23.Rice(Costco, Sam’s, Cash & Carry)
24.Beans (All Types in Bags)(Costco, Sam’s, Cash & Carry)
25.Potato Flakes — Pack using Food Saver(Costco, Sam’s, Cash & Carry)
26.Honey(Costco, Sam’s, Cash & Carry)
27.Miso(Asian Food Markets)
Many other food items can also be found in most Asian Food Markets.

Nonfood Items:
Toothpaste(Costco, Sam’s)
Toothbrushes(Costco, Sam’s, Super Markets)
Personal Soap(Costco, Super Markets)
Shampoo(Costco, Super Markets)
Vinegar(Costco, Sam’s, Super Markets)
Hydrogen Peroxide(Super Markets, Rite Aid)
Feminine Products(Costco, Sam’s, Super Markets)
Toilet Paper(Costco, Sam’s, Super Markets)
Notepads(Costco, Sam’s, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid)
Pens & Pencils(Rite Aid, Wal-Mart)
First Aid(Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam’s)
Sewing Needs(Yelm GeeGee’s, Joanne Fabrics, Wal-Mart)
Wet Wipes(Costco, Sam’s, Super Markets)
Aluminum Foil(Costco, Sam’s)
Plastic Ziplock Baggies(Costco, Sam’s)
Plastic Seal Containers(Costco, Sam’s, Supermarket)
Wine(Costco, Sam’s, Trader Joe’s)
Spirits(Local Liquor Stores)
Board Games(Anywhere you find them, Garage Sales & Goodwill Stores)
Paper Towels(Any Store where they are inexpensive)
Thermos — Best to use is “Stanley Thermos” — keeps water
HOT for 24 +(Sunbirds Yelm, Amazon online, Cabela’s)

All Garden Needs:
Shovels, Picks, Metal Rakes, Seed Starting Kits, Bag of Potting Mix. (Sun Birds in Yelm, or any Lowe’s or Home Depot stores, Wal-Mart) Compass, “Silver Ranger with Mirror” is the very best available at Cabela’s or online. Maps, USGS Quadrant Topographical Map of Washington or Local Area.
** Everyone MUST know how to use a compass and Topographical Map**

Visit Your Local Goodwill Store!
Goodwill Stores and Garage Sales are great places to pick up all those items that other folks throw out. Shoes, Extra Warm clothing, Strong Boots, Manual Garden Tools

Never pass up a Canned Goods Sale. Make it a habit to pick up canned goods every time you visit a Supermarket.

Water Storage Needs.
Water is THE most important item on your list. You can live for 10 days without food — you only have 3 days without water!

Water actually does have a shelf life — 6 weeks is the most before the oxygen in the water breaks down. Oxygen is water’s life force.

Considering the above statements you must know how to preserve you and your water safely.

Some of you may have heard to use “Clorox;” however, you must know that Clorox is a halogen. A halogen is a carcinogen; therefore you do NOT want to use it to store your precious water supply.

You may have heard to use “Iodine,” but you have to know that your body only requires a very tiny amount of Iodine in your system; therefore this would not be the best choice.

“Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide” is also not to be used in your water. This is what we call a nonstable product, that after 6 months the product is no longer working in your water. In addition, dosing your water with a small amount of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide can also create another problem — diarrhea — which will of course make your body dehydrated. Therefore you don’t want to use that either.
Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide has its best use in your first aid kit for cuts and scrapes.

The only product that passed all the above tests of safety and longevity of water storage is “Oxygen Plus.” This product went through rigorous testing and came out as a product that would keep water oxygenated for a 5-year period and wipe out any harmful bacteria that may be present in your water supply! “Oxygen Plus” is great for the body and can be purchased from Happy Hovel Foods.

We also have “Oxygen Plus” available for 55-gallon Barrels and 500-gallon Containers plus larger requirements.

Order your “Oxygen Plus” by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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