Shaking a UG from the Grid

Like many other RSE students, we left families and careers behind 15 years ago to come study with our teacher. After buying a home and beginning to settle in, we ran headlong into the teachings of The Days To Come, which left us with many questions—What exactly is a UG and where would you put one? The walls are supposed to be how thick? Food for how long? This seemed a tall order when there was barely enough money to pay bills and go to events. Our only recourse would have to be the disciplines. FOCUS! During all these years The Days To Come had morphed into The Days That Are Here and we didn’t seem any closer to our dream. We decided to stop waiting for something to happen and start walking through any door that was open…even a crack. Shake that grid!!

The first thing to fall out of the grid was the housing bubble. We knew the crash would be coming, but we just pushed that door open anyway and walked through. By refinancing the home we were able to come up with enough equity to buy food storage and start a project…just not enough to buy the land on which to build it. Keep shaking! Next out of the grid was a fellow student who had bought land and needed partners to build a shelter. There were months of frustration as we talked to several builders and found that with our meager amount of money we could manage only a small concrete bunker, barely large enough for all of us and our supplies. Luckily, Ram had taught us to live in 7’ x 7’ tents for weeks at a time, so if it had to be, we’d walk in.

At the last moment the grid split wide open and out tumbled the perfect contractor. Coming out of a talk by Ram during his Primary event in 2011, David Hygaard received a flash of inspiration—a new method of constructing underground shelters. When he had it engineered, it was one of the strongest structures in the area. And we got to be the first of his projects! Now instead of a small box, he began work on a UG with 4 times the room for the same price. David quickly developed an unlimited vision of the potentials, and together with that gift of vision he donated thousands of dollars’ worth of time to make it happen for us. He took us out of survival and into the joy of creation. The grid continues to drop manifestation after manifestation on this project and it is now the loveliest, most comfy hobbit home we ever could have imagined with 4 bedrooms and a loft! David is a creative finish carpenter and the touches he has added, like the arched doorways, make the shelter not only safe but a joy to be in. He has been an impeccable, imaginative, skillful problem solver. We love our place and want to thank Ram for teaching us to never give up on our dream and to David who worked out all the details.

Sharon Hunter, Cindy Anderson, Suzanne Maloney and Linda Smith


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