Project Food

The concept of seeing that each family with children at RSE  have at least 2 years food storage for the future came out of the awareness that while many did not have access to UGs, they did not have the minimum requirement of at least two years food storage either.

Ramtha said recently that we should " give, give, give." Project Food is an ideal opportunity to give. Many of us have been blessed in creating abundance, however, many of our fellow RSE students are not blessed with the abundance of food needed to be preserved for the future. Project Food, through the collective efforts of all of us, can make a difference and in gathering food to feed RSE families with children.  Our teacher has told us that the children must be preserved for the future. Each family with children up to  age 18 will be given food so that they can meet their two year storage supply minimum.  The amount given will be based on what they currently have, so that the minimum supply of two years food for the future can be met.

If each one of us commits to supporting at least one family with food for their storage our goal can be met. Whatever you can donate to these families will be appreciated.  Donate what you would like to ensure that they have in their storage. Basic staples of rice, beans, canned veggies & fruit, powdered milk, sugar etc. are examples. Look at what you have is the best way to go, this will give you the knowingness of what a family with children might need.

We are requesting that food be bought by you or taken from your personal storage and donated. If you are overseas or prefer ordering online, we will send you some recommended sites so  that you can order from them and have the food sent to us. No child destined for the future in our beautiful school, and the world should go hungry, we are seeing to it, you can also.   We will pick up donations locally if you cannot deliver them.

We have a list of many families who will be the beneficiaries of Project Food. However, we are still collecting names to add to the list. You can sign up for food tell a needy family about us, and further details will be sent.  Fellow RSE students are helping with Project Food, and the children's future.

So if you would like to donate food or be a receiver of food send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Stay blessed, and stay focused on  giving, giving, giving.

"Let's feed our children, one family at a time".



0 #1 micheline 2011-11-05 01:35
I congratulate you with this beautiful initiative that our teacher has inspired. I would like to help with the Project food for the children's future. I can also donate food, just tell me where to deliver it.

Thank you and bless you for doing this.

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