Student Messages to Japan

The people at Phoenix Rising School are focusing that you will get food and help from all the countries around the world. We are going to help as soon as we can. We will be focusing every day, thinking about you guys.
Our best wishes,
PRS and Daniel

Hey, I heard about what happened in Japan and I am trying to figure out what I can do to help. Just so you know, my school and I all focused on you guys being okay!

Dear people of Japan,

Hope all of you will be alright. We will try our very best to help all of you. I know you are tired, hungry, thirsty and scared, so we will be focusing on you.

I’m sorry about the disaster that occurred and what losses it brought you. I hope that food and help is on the way. We are all focusing on you and where you live.

Dear Japan,

We would just like to let you know that we care and were working on getting help for you. We know that you are truly devastated and that somehow or someway we will help you. We know you’re tired and scared, but we want to let you know you still have hope and you can trust us and yourselves.
PRS students Kaylyn and Jainkoa

Dear RSE students in Japan,

Hope all is fine. I wish you good focus, and everyone is focusing on you being safe and healthy.

Dear Japan,

I hope all goes well and the earthquakes and tsunamis are over. I really hope you are getting better, Japan, and that soon you will get more food and water. We are doing our best to help you.

Dear Japan,
We support you with all of our thoughts. Help is on the way and soon enough Japan will be safe and you will have everything you need. I hope that you are okay and we wish you the best!
PRS Student Chambolion


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