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Neil Kaber, one of our local inventors and innovators, is a celebrated guest teacher at PRS. He is the clever designer of the ultimate black box, the light-wave-sound technology, and several other brilliant inventions. He is also a distributor of the beyond-the-cutting-edge-technology of auto-illumination panels for "Everlasting Light Co".

While growing up near a refuse dump, Neil and his brother often scavenged materials with which they conducted experiments in the basement of their home. This resulted in numerous inventions, innovations, and plain fun stuff (explosions!) for Neil to share with his peers during "show and tell" throughout the years. It seems that we may be part of the minority who appreciates such genius minds.

While the 5-6 class was learning about models and designs, Neil allowed Deanna to share his "ulitmate black box" invention as well as a portion of the auto illumination panel developed by the "Everlasting Light Co" with the class. The students were flabbergasted by the black box, which seemed to move on its own according to the gravitational pull. They drew conceptual models of their ideas of what was inside the box, almost all reaching the conclusion that there "must be some kind of gyroscope inside". Then, the whole class squeezed into the small bathroom to witness the luminescent light brought about by a small 4x8 sheet of plastic which recorded on its surface the heat patterns left by those who held it! OOOOHHHHs and AAAAHHHHs could be heard all around.

Encouraged by the excitement of the students, Neil then decided to share some inventions with both classes himself. He brought in a home-made contraption that captured, and expressed audibly, the sound of light waves! The class listened to, and experimented with, the sounds of a flame, a light-saber, a flashlight and a voice-activated light meter. For the water unit with the 3-4 class, Neil brought in another home-made electrolysis device that utilized a battery charger, salt and regular water to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in the water. As the bubbles rose to the top, he used a lighter to make small explosions, much to the students' delight and awe! He also described a way he used this technology to create a larger explosion, using the same method, with a balloon, a fire, and a long, long stick. The words, "Awesome," and "Cool!", were heard often.

One of the other contributions that Neil has made to PRS is to show students and staff the high amounts of questionable frequency flowing through their classrooms as a result of the wireless internet router. Both students and staff were understandably concerned, which has resulted in an informal task-force embarking on a research journey to find out what this means to them, as well as to weigh their options, since they do love their wireless devices!

Neil is also working on a children's book, and has offered to mentor students who wish to persue experimental technology in their next science project, which begins next week (first week of March).

Parents, be aware that your kids may be doing fabulous things in the basement or garage!

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