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My name is Yvonne Lebron-Tellez and I am the founder of the Peace of Mind Holistic Center in Rainier, Washington. Many of you already know my story and have been a wonderful part of my support through my own healing process. For those who don’t I shall share it as briefly as possible.

In the autumn of 2009 my beautiful world was shattered. I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and plunged into a state of fear far greater than any I have ever experienced or thought possible. Though it was almost impossible to breathe I somehow knew that I had to bring myself into a state of inner peace if I were to live. With the devoted love and help of my family and community I slowly began my healing journey.

Today, as a Cancer Survivor I know firsthand the importance of combining both Eastern and Western Medicine to create the overall healing of the body. My dream is now to give back to the community by creating a sacred space where individuals can come to learn and experience INTEGRATIVE Alternative and Complimentary Healing Modalities to enhance their healing process. Most importantly, understanding that we are one complex interconnected organism and to truly heal it must involve treating the Mind, Body & Spirit.  It is this protocol that has saved my life. 

I have experienced what it’s like to be coping with a life threatening disease and as a patient how fearful and hopeless one can feel along with the additional struggle of the financial burdens that debilitating illnesses can cause. Many even lose their jobs and as a result no longer have health insurance. I understand all the hardships that come with being diagnosed with an incurable disease. I also know that we can learn to shift our fears into positive thoughts and change our attitudes from fear to overall wellness. It is because of my personal journey that I chose to create the Peace of Mind Holistic Center.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to speak at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment to share the story of my healing. As I stated, in my experience it was very important that I go so deeply within my mind and soul and really connect with the Lord God of my being. When you are experiencing the worse fear of your life you definitely begin to pray, with a focus from the deepest depth of your soul. You suddenly feel so vulnerable and frightened, as if you have fallen into the void and don’t know how to get out.

Blessed with the knowledge of what our great teacher has taught us, I had to find that sacred space where a shift had to take place within my mind and the realities I was creating. I am often asked how I made the shift? My answer to that is my will to live, my love for life, my love for myself, my desire to continue dreaming and creating the future of my own choosing. I am not ready to die and I needed to find not only that place within myself that desired to live, but desired to live in radiant health. I also had to find the right treatments to keep myself alive and not allow the cancer to take over. It was critical on my path to wellness to first sync my mind, thoughts and actions together in order to focus my entire beingness on my physical body to be well.

Since my opportunity to speak at the ranch I have met so many people who are now stepping forward and reaching out for help. Many of the men and women contacting the center are in very serious life threatening conditions. Some of the women I am meeting have breasts with lumps in them that they have had for years and have never had them checked. Some of the breasts have tumors that have already burst and are bleeding. Most do not have health insurance or they do not want to go through the conventional medical system.

To my astonishment most of these individuals have one thing in common. They are afraid that they have failed somewhere or done something wrong in some way. Most are keeping their illness in secret because they are afraid of the responses they may get from those in the community. Others do not want people to see them in their frail, sickened condition. It’s so interesting, that here we are part of this wonderful evolving community with extraordinary knowledge from our teacher that you would think we would feel safe enough to share our truths whether we believe they are good or bad, right or wrong with out being judged. Haven’t we learned that it’s all simply part of the experience and what we make of it? These are the grains of sands that we are challenged to evolve into pearls of wisdom and wear as priceless jewels at the time of transition.

I began writing this article with several objectives in mind. Of course to offer hope and inspiration to those who are suffering and to underscore the underlying urgency it addresses. We need to move quickly as there are a vast number of individuals who are in immediate need of the critical services our center will provide. The faster we can bring in all the required services the faster these individuals can receive treatment.

The first and most critical objective at this juncture is to raise the requisite funds. I now appeal to each and everyone of you to assist with creating the most magnificent center of Integrative Alternative Complimentary Healing Modalities that will be made available to all. At this time we only need to raise $250,000.00 to be able to provide the rest of the needed services.

The Non Profit 501c3 organizational mission of Peace of Mind Holistic Center is to provide opportunities for local individuals to receive a blend of both Eastern and Western medical treatments. These services will be provided for entirely free or at a substantially reduced cost so that everyone has access to the care and treatments they need regardless of their finances. Our Center will not only provide services for those with debilitating illness but our Integrative Medical Alternative Wellness Programs will be available for all based on a sliding pay scale, donation. We are pledged to help everyone who crosses our threshold overcome the issues they are facing through the integrative and caring treatment of Mind, Body & Spirit.

The second objective is to send a wake up call for all of the masters out there who are hiding behind closed doors and who are sick and afraid of finding out the truth about their illness. It’s time now to come out of the closet and face your demons within the safe and nurturing environment we provide. You must or you will die. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Just because one may be diagnosed with a terminal illness it does not automatically mean a death sentence! It is simply an alert that the body is giving us so that we are aware that the time has arrived to be so very present with one’s self and to take care of this physical body now.

The third objective is follow with a clarion call to all those in our blessed community to join together to create a support system based on love, compassion and services to help everyone in our community into wellness. No one in our community should have to take this alone nor should they feel ashamed. What would you do and where would you turn to if you were suddenly diagnosed with a terminal illness? Let’s put all energies forth in creating a safe place where we can come to and know that our needs can be met on an individual basis, not based on a generic medical chart. Let’s collaborate on getting everyone physically well whether from a simple cold or something much more serious.

At Peace of Mind Holistic Center we believe that our client’s needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is deeply committed to meeting those needs. We offer a place where individuals can come to find peace of mind and gentle care while moving on the path to wellbeing.

Following are some of the services we will be offering as the financial requirements are secured to provide these services: Naturo Pathic Medicine, General Medical Practitioner, Alternative/Complementary Cancer Treatment, IV Therapy: Chelation, Vitamin C IV, Hydrogen Peroxide IV, Myers Cocktail IV, Ondamed, Thermograpghy, Healing Techniques through Hypnosis, Negative Ion Body Charger Sessions, Near Infrared Sauna, Oncology Massage, Thai Massage, Oxygen Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Pain Management Programs, Nutritional Supplemental Programs, Medical Marijuana Authorizations, Wellness Workshops, Meditation classes and additional infinite other modalities to help Soothe the Mind, Body & Spirit. 

I dedicate this article to my dear friends Beatriz Florez,, Luda Cpaena, Ray Winter and all those who are doing the great work.

Peace of Mind Holistic Center is seeking patrons who would like to help us make a difference.

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Thank you for your consideration. If you would like to learn more, have questions or would like to make an appointment to discuss further details please feel free to contact me at 360-446-5001.

I dedicate this article to my dear friends Beatriz Florez,, Luda Cpaena and Ray Winter.

Yvonne Lebron-Tellez
Founder of Peace of Mind Holistic Center

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+2 #1 Master Karen 2012-07-21 11:38
Yvonne, this is beautiful ... a truly wonderful evolution for our community. Thank you for addressing our fear of illness that we see as failure and , instead, showing us that it is a runner, an opportunity for deep and meaningful change. Thank you for your vision, your wisdom and your passion. I will do all I can to help.

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