379-year-old NH farm unsold but gets new farmers

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DOVER, N.H. (AP) - It's a good season for the beloved sweet corn on the 379-year-old Tuttle Farm. It also looks good for the crops that weren't there a year ago, produced by a group of visiting young farmers - eggplant, peppers, pumpkins and sunflowers.

The New Hampshire farm, one of the oldest continuously operated family farms in America, raised a lot of interest - and emotion - a year ago when members of the 11th generation of Tuttles announced they were putting it up for sale. Faced with debt and their own mortality, they said the 12th generation is either too young or too entrenched in other careers. A bit of history and tradition was drawing to a close.

Today, the 135-acre farm is still on the market, even though the asking price has been dropped $800,000, from $3.35 million to $2.55 million.

While the Tuttles wait for a buyer amid an uncertain economy, a new group of farmers unrelated to the family is helping to keep the operation going, trying a variety of crops, livestock and organic farming practices, and may even stay on after it's sold. They receive coaching and equipment from a nonprofit group that acts as a business incubator for farmers.

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0 #1 Linda 2011-08-21 06:12
Are there any students located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire? Is anyone digging in there? Please respond.

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