Changing The Timeline Of Our Destiny

Teaching from Ramtha The Enlightened One


You can draw your destiny line, the line of your life, with parallels above and below it of different options from your youth to your puberty to your young adulthood, different options, different paths that you took and journeyed on them for a little while. Following the expectations and the moral code of the society and culture that you came from, progress and draw a timeline that did not include my teachings — all of the changes, the healings, everything that has happened to you through this body and this canon of teachings. The timelines above your main line can vary. Think about all of the people that you know, the timeline of those who took drugs, the timeline of those who stayed with it. That is a potential. Those who abused alcohol, those who did not do certain things, marrying your first love, having the child you never had, taking an opportunity, going onto higher education, fulfilling a dream you had in your youth, all those are timeline potentials. Those float above and below your line of destiny without this body of work in your life.

Depending upon how reckless and destructive you were, you can figure out the timeline of your death. Those of you who hated yourself, contemplated destruction, or hated other people, you can figure out where your timeline and someone else’s timeline are about to collide, and that usually will mark your death. What was your life destined to be outside of these teachings? That is a timeline. Most of the friends and loved ones that you know today, would they still be in your life without these teachings? Take that in mind too. Don’t forget it is entirely possible that you could have been very successful and very prosperous and never had to have lived like you are doing now. Feel honored to be able to draw potential destinies happening simultaneously and then to have worked yours in a status quo. It is an honor to do that because most people have never even thought about this possibility and don’t understand what change is all about. What is it in you that determines destiny? Is it you who determines destiny? In looking back to your life prior — P.R., prior Ramtha — you can see how your life was destined based upon the choices that you made. You just made a choice and your life took off. Now you understand how broad was your choice base and how much did you know equaled how many potentials you got to choose.

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This story originally appeared in the September 2008 Issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine.



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