Article from a young MC2020 reader

Some people want to help the community by building a youth center, creating a wildlife reserve, or housing the poor. I want to do much more than that. If I could change any one thing to benefit my environment, I would orchestrate the addition of a Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry into our community.

The first reason is that the school would teach its students many useful skills. Because Hogwarts teaches magic, many kids would be very interested in learning. They would not see classes as work. To them, it would just be fun. Thus, students would study more, and complete all assignments, which not only teaches the material, it teaches work ethic and gets them to love learning. The skills they learn in class would also help them in real life, for example, cooking, cleaning, healing, gardening, animal care, and more

Another reason is that what they learned at school would help keep our community healthy. In class, students would learn how to make healing potions, which would cure the sick. They would be able to magically create objects, and levitate things. That allows you to build houses at almost no cost, and with little effort. More houses would be made in less time. The price of them would go down, and more people would have a place to live. Magic would also reduce the number of injuries when building houses. Besides that, Students would learn how to disappear and reappear somewhere else. They would rarely have to use cars, thus lowering our carbon footprint.

Thirdly, the official sport of Hogwarts is Quidditch. It is a game where you fly on magic brooms, and is almost a mix of soccer, hockey, and basketball. The slight familiarity, and the flying aspect of the game, would make this sport appealing to students, and sports fans. Children are likely to try out, and it is said that students who play a sport get better grades than those who do not. Quidditch would also be fun to watch. It would get parents more involved in their child’s school life, bringing families together, and making everyone happier.
In addition, going to the school would result in a longer life span. One reason is that the food is very organic, and there are many magical healing techniques. It is very unlikely that anyone would have an incurable ailment. Secondly, the average life span of a wizard or witch is 150 years. At Hogwarts, there is a very friendly environment, so the students are generally happy. Studies show that happier, more positive people tend to live longer than negative people do. All of these factors would lead to a very long life.

Another reason Hogwarts would benefit our community is that it would save money. Most schools spend thousands every year, to buy food, school supplies, and more. Some schools even run out of room, and can’t let in as many children as they would like. At Hogwarts, none of that would be an issue. First of all, the food is made by house elves, who are magical and like to work for free. In which case, Hogwarts will not have to buy any food or pay for cafeteria workers. Also, space is never a problem. If there was not enough room, they could just cast an Undetectable Extension Charm, which makes more room inside, while the outside stays the same. So, the classrooms could be bigger, but the school itself would hardly take up any space.

These are the reasons for why I believe that having a local Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry would be beneficial to our community. It would teach life lessons, keep our community healthy, encourage participation in sports, lengthen our average life span, and save money. Anyone can raise funds for the library, build a community center, or feed the homeless, but I think until we expand our thinking, and use a more creative solution, we will not see a real and tangible change in our community.

1. I would like to be in Honors English because I love reading, and I want to learn more about different writing styles and techniques. I would also like to learn how to write well, and I look forward to being exposed to new literature. I also think that being in Honors English would look good on a college application.

2. I think that I would be a good addition to the class because I would always give my best effort during tests and assignments, and I would participate in class discussions. I would contribute my knowledge, my diverse opinions, my wit, and my desire to learn.

3. If you asked my teachers about me, I think they might say that I am smart, and try to do all my work. They may also say that I regularly participate in class, and I ask questions if I don’t understand something.



0 #4 Dave 2011-08-18 10:29
I would like to be the professor in charge of magical animals... like Hagrid, only smaller. I only have a sneaky Rat Terrier, so I will have to capture some hyppogryphs.
0 #3 Norie 2011-08-08 00:30
I am in! I like and respect the idea of such an interesting school in the local community, though I never followed all the movies and books. I am a mother of 17 months boy. Kids loves magic; for them life is full of magic. I'd love to have my kids attend such a school. Contact me for any support of your idea. I am willing to participate in it. It will be a great thing to have for any children in the community.
0 #2 Estella 2011-08-06 14:04
Go for it, Haylee! You'll go far!!
0 #1 Melody 2011-08-05 23:28
Why Miss Hayley...I wish that I could have the privilege of being your honors English teacher.


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