Live Wire

By Debbie Christie

A few years ago, my mother came across these CD’s called Imusic. There was a 20 minute set of music they called a test run. She loved it and insisted that I listen to it. Not only did I find the music inspiring, but I could feel something happening in my brain as Î was listening to it. I bought several of the CD’s available through Imusic after reading the research on the website, and used them during my card work and almost immediately began to tell a difference in my focus. This was the few weeks prior to the New Year’s Event at the ranch ringing in 2009. Before the session, I told Ramtha about this brain music I had been listening to and he suggested I play it that night for the C&E portion of the Create Your Year 2009 Session.  During the discipline, he looked at me and said, “Beautiful, it’s working, genius.”

For the upcoming Spring retreats we ordered a few different CD’s for the Quantum Café, because the test run itself could not be made available at the time.  So we ended up with some classical and contemporary mixes of what they had available. Not my first choice for music, but the product had the embedded technology which is what we were after.

Motivated by a conversation with Laura Eisen on the possibilities of what could be, she got me in touch with Taylor Wilson of Imusic to discuss the music being used on these products. During this conversation, he was telling me about a new product called Livewire, which lead to the discussion about music frequency and harmonics and the objective in using it for our disciplines. This lead to a discussion about could he obtain the rights to music we would like to use, which lead to the idea of me sequencing music mixes with the music used at RSE.
This all lead to the use of the Livewire frequency brain program described below combined with the C&E and Dance music we use at RSE.

I will also add that the most frequently asked question over the 24 years that I have been playing music for disciplines has been, “ Can I get all the music you just played for C&E, or the Dance, etc. on one CD?” And now the answer is yes.

For more information about Imusic brainwave technology, one can visit:
Energy & Motivation Activator

for the Most Demanding

Citizens on Planet Earth

The neuron tingling technology inside every note makes LiveWire a musical energy source for the societal battle field of life. How can you expect to succeed... How can you expect to take the actions that support your dreams, your goals and your lifes ambitions if you have a brain that is programmed to stay in the low energy frequency?

The go-go-go everyday grind that you’re all too familiar with fatigues and drains your mind. With LiveWire, you’ll have a superior solution to the fattening and caffeine dependancy creating drinks that tempt you at every street corner.

You can attain the special state of mind that propelled the greats through each day and powered them to do what's right for themselves until they got to the top. They looked out for #1 because they had the mental energy to think, decide and do it. The names in the bright lights, the people in the headlines, the faces on TV.... get what they've got with Livewire.

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