Editors Corner - July 30th, 2011

This week's issue of MC2020.com Newsletter is all about ideas. Big ideas, bright ideas, simple, yet genius ideas, all of them have something in common—someone made an extraordinary observation. An ordinary observer connected the dots in an unusual way to solve a problem and improve their life. Some people call this thinking outside the box. There is definitely no “boxy” thinking in this newsletter. Every week as the articles, links and emails come in I search for the thread that stitches them together into a theme. Sometimes, I never find it and I have to just let that be okay. This week, however, as the newsletter wrote itself, I could see we would be exploring new solutions to age old concerns. Re- thinking and re-purposing and recycling—wait, I think they call that evolving.

Essential oils as medicine are as ancient as Egyptian Pharoahs, yet newly emerging as a powerful natural alternative to synthetic antibiotics and drugs. I am especially jazzed about what I am learning about essential oils. When my friend, Anita, started exploring essential oils I dusted off a box of high-end essential oils that I had received as a gift in 2000. Eleven years ago I thought they smelled great, but I had no idea how to use them. Anita introduced me to the “Owners Manual” of essential oils. Yesterday Ron had a bad run in with a stinging nettle. I looked it up in my book and within 5 minutes I was able to relieve his pain with a couple of drops of Clove mixed with Melaleuca. Less than a half hour later he had all but forgotten about it. And remember these oils are 11 years old!

We were talking about essential oils as we were posting this article and Ben started talking about using essential oils to spice up food storage. Imagine the fresh flavor of basil, oregano, cilantro, lemon or lime in your DTC menu. Good thinking, Ben. I bet there are a lot of good ideas in the community at large on this subject. Please share.

Speaking of sharing. . . The other day I was at a Wine Club meeting. The president had asked our members to bring their genius ideas to share. I was amazed at some of the really cool, clever ideas. I am already recruiting stories from all of those guys and we will be posting them in our new column, “Genius Ideas”. Of course, the invitation is open for all of you to share your genius ideas, too.

Container housing. . . now that's an unlimited idea. We want to start a conversation about all types of alternative housing/shelters. Be as unconventional as you can and tell us about it. In the community calendar section we have a link to a story about a beautiful entity that has lived in a tree house for 30 years.

Did you get the email about the alien smoking a pipe pictured in a crop circle? The first time we got it we thought it was creepy, the second time we started getting curious, third time we laughed and fourth time we decided it was a runner we had to share.



0 #1 Steve 2011-07-30 04:41
OMG, Stephie would be so proud of how you both have taken the baton and evolved and expanded upon here dream.
Well, Stephie is on to other adventures. I am so proud of the work, effort, thought and evolution you two have taken on for our fellow students, their families and the world!

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