Four Frogs to Yelm

Submitted by Milt Gordon - an MC2020 Reader

In 1988 I started my dream home, rammed earth walls two feet thick and a lot of work and then came Ramtha and I knew I was in trouble and so after much soul searching the decision was made, Molly and I were moving to Yelm.
The house goes on the market and since I was a real estate broker with 20 years experience I did not anticpate much difficulty selling my dream. Was I in for a surprize. Two years passed and nothing was happening until one day, Molly returned from an errand with the news that our house was sold. Curious as to how she achieved what I could not do I therefore made further inquiries and she laid enlightenment on me.
Awaiting a meeting to start she looked over on the front seat of the car to discover a tiny green frog which she excitedly scooped up and tried to kiss only to have exit out the window. Seeing the incredible look on my face she went on add that as the ram had instructed she had created a card depicting the sale of our home and the talisman to mark such an occurrence was the insertion of a little green frog in the lower corner. Well you will never believe the look I gave her but nevertheless frog number one had arrived made all the more interesting in that an extended drought had decimated the frog population.
Frog number two — a few weeks later an offer was made to buy my dream house — it required drive of about 30 minutes from our home to angels camp, California. Enroute Molly looked at me and said — “you know what they call angels camp don't you.” Mark Twain had written a famous story about angels camp entitled — The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County and of course everyone locally called angels camp — frog town. Need I say more — frog number two.
I knew I was trouble so I merely asked where do I sign and we departed for home only to stop at the local store in angels camp for Molly to purchase some lettuce. I stopped in front and Molly hopped out and began to laugh — she was standing in the middle of a large green frog - painted in the streets to commemorate the annual festival of the jumping frog of calaveras county. You know what is coming next — frog number three.
Concerned that our buyer might be a hunter — I wanted to protect the local wildlife that called our back yard home — I asked — do you hunt? His answer: No - Not since he had returned from Vietnam where he had served as a navy seal and had hunted men.
It required several days for the significance of his comment to sink in when I finally realized that navy seals had orginally been known as frog men and with that revelation frog number four manifested and the rest is history.
So don't try and tell my wife that the Rams teachings don't work — they won and I lost my dream home and here I am on a great adventure.


0 #2 Karla 2011-08-02 13:58
New student here...Will pursue this further what the Ram teaches. Thanks for being a runner! :lol:
0 #1 Lyuba 2011-07-31 07:43
A great story. Thank you for sharing! :-)

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