Turn to your Neighbor

Credit for this idea goes to MC2020 reader, Neil Kennedy

“What has been your greatest learning?” Our reader friend, Neil Kennedy, sent us an email this week asking if we could start a column that would allow readers to write in and share their greatest learning. He said, “It would provide a means for people to share their thoughts without being criticized.” His idea was that all of us could learn from each others wisdom and it could be a springboard into even greater learning.
We really like your idea, Neil, and we are starting today to offer a place for fellow students and friends to share their greatest learning. We are calling this column “Turn to your Neighbor”. If you like you can imagine our teacher is asking you the question, “What has been your greatest learning?” And then hear his voice say, “Turn to your neighbor.”
You could tell us what you learned from your experiences at Assay. It could be what you learned from the accomplishment of a dream, or a lesson you gained from what appeared to be a failure.
So, click on the link below to share. A few ground rules: 500 words or less. Please don’t quote Ramtha—we want to avoid any copyright issues. And no whining.


0 #4 Karla 2011-08-02 14:19
Great Idea!
When I was debriefing my life from fundamental Christianity, there was a web- site that allowed for my voice to be heard, that empowered me to speak my truth as I saw it. That was golden to me. Those moments are pearls and I wouldn't trade that for anything.
So I say "bring it on"...Lets contemplate and bring forth our truest moments. I crave to learn from fellow masters. Not becoming them but open to possibilities not yet...thought of.
0 #3 jack 2011-07-24 19:34
Since i was 5 years old, i somehow knew that i can do anything, but i could not explain it logically. The concept of QM, known as the kingdom of heaven, explains it all. A profound desire to change ( magical word), coupled with being in the present allows the observer to see, which affects the outcome and manifests the desired change. So simple, that it is supposed to work all the time, yet it works at times, and does not at other times. However, the more times it works, the more the confidence and subsequently the manifestation gets easier. Again, the more i learn about QM, the more i gain acceptance. For example, where specific particles going through a process and ending up as the original particles, created new particles during the process. Thus A+B = A+B +(x+y) = A+B Creating something from nothing. Does this explain Toyota's falling from the sky ? just kidding ! :lol:
0 #2 Ann 2011-07-24 11:21
Clearly I am understanding that in the universe there are many worlds (Kingdoms)
I know one is pink and pure love. What I have learned and personally experienced here on Earth is duality. How do we overcome and master duality? By raising our vibration so all knowledge is given to us and nothing can hurt us. How do we raise our vibration? Meditation, feelings of gratitude, subliminal programing, opening up energy centers with the breathing technique that Ramtha teaches (it can however be easier incorperation the kundulini yoga breath of fire....
0 #1 Aileen 2011-07-23 13:10
I would love to see this idea up and running! how does one send a story that is pre-composed?

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