Driving in a bad storm? You might be doing the wrong thing

You're blissfully hurtling down a desolate stretch of interstate at 70 mph, singing along with your iPod. The scenery is spectacular, the sun is shining, and things couldn't be better. Then you round a bend and suddenly the sky turns midnight black. There's lightning and a thunderclap that feels like it comes from your back seat. There's a trickle of rain, followed seconds later by a downpour, then hail. The highway isn't desolate any more, as you've caught up to all other drivers who are crawling along at 10 mph because they can barely see 50 feet. What do you do?

Many U.S. adults do exactly the wrong thing, contradicting the advice given by the National Weather Service and potentially putting themselves and their families in serious danger.

The American road trip is as much a part of our nation's fabric as apple pie and baseball. Nothing restores the soul like remembering how big and beautiful this land is. It's important to remember that road trips are more journey than vacation, however. Things can and do go wrong. Bad weather is at the top of that list. You simply can't drive coast to coast without hitting a few bad storms.

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0 #1 bmayler 2011-06-25 05:41
another tip: when driving in a downpour, put on your sunglasses and you will notice immediately that you can see better -- check it out the next time you may find yourself in a horrific rainstorm -- but most of all -- stay well, safe & happy -b

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