Letter To The Editors

hello masters,
again, thank you for your work and wonderful web page and information. congrats on your web page! whooohoo!
now, perhaps you would note a suggestion? as we recognize- our states have changed, our power is up to us and our focus and disciplines...i wonder, how do you feel about moving some aspects of the newsletter from SURVIVAL!!! DAYS TO COME!!! to creating our wonderful futures, fabulous health and wealth, alll the things we learned from the Ram that means consciousness and energy create reality (my consciousness is not focused on devastation.fear/destruction or toilet paper in a u.g and the masters i speak to feel similarly. i dont hang with the doom and gloom crowd ;) ).
i would LOVE to read uplifting things, stories of success and liberation and healing and abundance. let us hear perhaps, about the events of the feasts, or- great happenings at rse events or...happy thoughts, happy lives. BEING god. <3. LOVE ALWAYS TRIUMPHS. that is the truth, the real truth. Even the DTC, IF they come, will not, CAN not destroy love/god/life.
years ago, i almost did not come to rse, b/c of the grrrreat fear fear, panic constant focus on the DAYS TO COME and what seemed the near abandonment of life on the surface, life in the NOW. i know we are at a crucial point now. and it is indeed important to be prepared, but then- be prepared, and get on with the business of LIVING.
life is about NOW, and being in it, yes? seems like most articles relate to allll things underground...i know fear sells, (sex sells, greed sells). but- so does love, and creation, and healing. right? why are we in school? i guess that is the big question. i came to change my life and evolve and to take back my power. i believe most of us are students for those reasons or, i hope so, anyway.
i would LOVE to read testimonials of students who have achieved their dreams- big/small...doesnt matter, as there is no big and no small, right? i would LOVE to read about joy and love.
now NOW we have passed june 15, things continue to shift (yayyy focus! yayyy assistance from the ram and his friends, yayyy love, yayyy earth)...could there perhaps be a section of the newsletter that deals with the DTC, but- another that deals with the joy of living.creating.focusing/ living a wonderful life...beholding god?
living in joy, presence, and being god: how i love to read those things about my school :)
with great respect and appreciation for your work, i write these words,
to life!

k, part two of earlier email, i think,
so, i was thinking, welll poor ben and jan, they already work so hard getting this fantab newsletter out- i cannot ask them to do more. and, if one points out a dilemma, one is duty-bound- imo- to also present a possible solution. so- i thought to meself: meself, i want to present the full plates of ben and jan another potential.
ok, thinking cap on and:
i LOVE hearing peoples' stories of how they found rse/ramtha, and/or of their stories of manifestation- on the field, in life, in the tank--RV, any of it,alll of it. it inspires me hugely, as it does many, i'm sure. i dont know if i would have persisted with the cards, if i hadnt watched kenny's progress, and watched it develop to moving objects with his mind...so coool so cool. and many more. the lottery winners...on and on, our students rock when they rock. and it is awesome in the true definition of the word.
so! mayyybe- you could put out a little note that says 'tell us how you came to rse' or 'a story abt a manifestation' or...about focus... or! if people are - maybe hesitant or.. i dont know- unwilling? -- b/c they feel writing is a big task, etc...well, if it sounds appealing to you guys- i would be willing to offer to help people write their experience. they could talk to me, and i could write it, and give it back for their approval, and send to you. i know i could do this for my japanese students...(i arrived here from LA without employment, blah blah, fear, the past, blah blah, yadayada. bo-ring, right? yep. so- the quickest way i know out of the land of blues is to help someone else- and do my discipllines from a new state, of course--so i am teaching several japanese students each wednesday at the yelm library). they have shared some stories and are willing to do so, and i could help them (good practice for their English!). they have beautiful stories of their discipline accomplishments. that class is the highlight of my week. they are cheerful and dedicated and never whine (um, like i do, too often) and have NO doubt...it is an honor to be with them. i leave so uplifted.
so-i think- people would be more inclined to share if they knew it helped us all (since we are all All, as it were/is :) ), and holding the tension point between remaining present, and creating today while riding the wa ve (!) of the DTC- is challenging, and so to be encouraged and uplifted by fellow students is a great gift. it gives us a re-commitment to the great work. or- it does me, at least.
that's enough of my rambling. except- p.s., if your newsletter was NOT as wonderful as it is, i would never have a single idea about it. i'd read it and forget about it. but when a creative pursuit has passion and mind attached, ohhh man oh manishewitz, that's exciting, and i get ideas.
so there it all is, do with it what you will, and thank you for taking the time to read it and let me know if i can help and 'yipppeeee' said the california girl- tomorrow it is supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny!!
to life!


0 #13 Angela 2011-06-30 10:03
I really loved your comments, and could not agree more!

I love being at RSE but certainly many times it seems to me that the joy of actual living in today is missing, the joy for life and simple things, the joy of making achivements on everyday bases. The masters connections will do an even more wonderfull job by promoting and publishing on equal bases thoses other aspects too.
Love is the wonderful glue of life, as the Master says, so, lets promote it by more inspiring and beautiful stories of everyday life, just like the one on $58.81 years supply, or by the small achivements all of us have. Thank you already for the wonderful work you are doing, it´s really appreciated also.
0 #12 Edith 2011-06-27 14:03
Juliana, thank you so much for thoughts and for putting them on writing!
0 #11 anca 2011-06-26 22:38
please do. I am in a state of lost hope in my abilities and I find it so difficult to get out of it. I got depressed some other times but not like now and I am scared that I don't make it out of it.
0 #10 milton 2011-06-26 12:10
I am a 75 year old Master in Training and found Juliana's thoughts very intriguing. I have endeavored to the best of my ability to embrace Rams suggestions. As I prepared I found myself reflecting back to my childhood, born into a world with kerosene lamps,no running water and a convenient outhouse to take care of essentials.

To survive and return to such a world is not to me a very inviting prospect so I found a real sympathetic response to her admonition for us to collectively focus on a future of a newer more exciting reality. C+E=R LETS DO IT, and I will accept invitations to join like minded Masters.
0 #9 Teri 2011-06-25 18:06
Thanks, Jennifer and Debra :-D People who actually know me, know that I am about as far away from doom and gloom as one can get (there is no doom and gloom in the Now - I checked ;o)

I'm just doing what the Ram said to do - with a light heart and with a VERY good sense of humor. And since I am such a researcher, I might as well share what I find out with my fellow students.

I think it's a great idea to have a section for uplifting and inspirational stories. There are so many wonderful, magical even miraculous things that have happened in our widespread community and they do quicken the spirit when we get to hear the stories.
0 #8 Joanne 2011-06-25 15:53
Dear Juliana

I heartily agree! You are a breath of fresh air.. :lol:
0 #7 Helen 2011-06-25 15:42
Hello, it is certainly really wonderful to come across someone that is so prepared for everything that they then have the time and space to focus on other things, I congratulate you on your fully preparaedness of 10yrs food supply and water and shelter and clothing,gardne ring , building supllies, good on you, I personally would love that head space to enjoy .Helen
0 #6 Susie 2011-06-25 15:17
Aren't we funny! I didn't find the first 2 articles judgmental about the doom and gloomers, just making a request for inspirational and light hearted stories with a different focus. Jennifer's comment about hyprocrisy feels more like judgment to me. But then what am I doing, ha ha.

I too would like to see some of all of it. The key is to be happy and bless our adventures, whatever they may be. Sometimes when someone asks me how I am, and I think they are really interested, I say, "you mean the good, the bad, the ugly and the miraculous?" They say, "oh, your life is just like mine!" It's all good and all resides within joy.

I love our community and am blessed to be a part of it. Thank you Jan and Ben for giving us a greater way to deepen our connection with others, and ultimately ourselves.
0 #5 Sandy 2011-06-25 12:12
I agree we need a balance of both survial/prepare dness AND inspiration stories IF there is time and space but with all going on now - I want any and all the tips,warnings and help to prepare properly, I can get - I want to BE IN THE KNOW - I find much joy, excitement and happiness in just being a part of so many that are "enlightened and know what's going on and how to get through it - do keep the info, updates and anything else coming that is a benifit - love this Newsletter and appreciate every word of it and thank all for their efforts putting out, no doubt it will only continue to get better. Before I found the teacher Ramtha - I was so depressed I had no will to get out of bed in the morning, no hope in my life and could see no point in my life or reason to keep on keeping on - now as bad as things may get soon I wake up everyday - joyful to BE really ALIVE and create yet another day - focuse and manifest the most surprise'n wonderous things into my life.
0 #4 Chantal 2011-06-25 11:33
Well I want to answer the person who says that you should mention the joy, love and achievements we do, and not so much of the gloom and doom in your newsletter.
I think this is very unfair and not true. You have published a lot of these stories. I thank you for not only looking at the bright side and embracing the whole of our creations!!!!!a s well as helping those who still need to prepare materially.
WHO is speaking about fear when it comes to looking at these DTC events, who says that having to prepare is not a work of love for oneself, just doing what is needed to do and not connect it necessarily to fear, etc...
Any way, thank you for your work. I think it has shown all sides.

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