Masters on the March

What wizards we are!! A few friends and I focused on secure travel on My dear “Sisters” March out of the flooding bread basket and this is what happened.

I want to take a minute and type up what my friend just told me. Its magical!! Tell RAM thanks!!

Ok, so I 40 has been flooded out on and off due to the flooding of the Mississippi and the levy breaks. After all the storms, and impending flooding to their place in western Tennessee ( and other factors) they decided to move back to Texas. My friend is not an RSE student, but she is a quite enlightened entity, one who sees other frequencies and has a clear consciously aware connection to her “self/source”. I 40 was recently reopened for travel ,but expected rains could flood it again soon. This was just after the Ram message to the world on “changing state” and the new card we did with the blue stars on our travel routes so I told her I would do that for her. I sent a request to a few of my RSE friends asking them to do this in whatever way they felt compelled to do. I did the dance and my daughter and I did a candle focus. My girl placed her hands on the map on the school wall along their way. ( I also asked the full moon and the sun to keep an eye on them and Gaia to help) Anyhow she called me today so full of Joy and energy at the end of their trip across the waters. Ill try to abbreviate what she described. When they left last night the full moon lighted the tree edges, after a while she started to see what looked like small blue stars every now and then along the road. She rubbed her eyes, slapped her face but they were still popping up. Then they got more consistent. It was fun, like pack-man game going down the road, chomping up the stars. Kept her awake and interested in the road. By dawn she figured they would go away as the sun came up. Blue skies, no rain. The blue stars on the road continued. They were very consistent now, every 10 feet. They got larger and then became 3-d. She kept rechecking herself to make sure she was awake and present with the task of driving. Yes still in 3-d, can feel the truck, her body. Then the 3-d blue stars melded into one and engulfed the truck, moving along as a blue star. In her mirror the sleeping children had blues stars on them..and after the blue star melded into a sphere around the van, she noticed that a blue tail/streak was trailing the van down the road behind them. “yes still awake and safely driving”. After checking the mile markers she noticed that in a moment they were 20 miles further than the moment before. They cruised across the nice clear I40 highway, across the Mississippi and all her expansion. Now, I don’t know what its like to be on a long drive across Arkansas with 4 kids, 2 cats and 2 adults ..thank goodness... but she said it went by so quickly and all of a sudden they were pulling up to the hotel in Texarkana. She called to thank my friends and I for whatever we did. I thank her for the feedback and experience of using what I’ve learned to help a friend and reinforce the power of the god creators we are. OMG so cool. I go to bed with a big smile and a toast to all of the gods in this co-creation!! And to you RAM. Great gratitude!!

See you on Friday to learn more about maintaining the state! Heather, Crystal and Friends


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