The wheat that you may now be purchasing is potentially grown using “Monsanto” seed. These grains will NOT BE ABLE TO BE GROWN AS YOUR FUTURE CROP.

Be advised that the only wheat that can be safely used as future crops is NON-GMO ORGANIC WHEAT (not genetically modified) that has a moisture level of 10% or less!

All wheat and grains are to be used not only for breads, pastries, etc., but as our only long-term growing stock. We will be, in effect, reseeding the planet for our future!

If you choose to purchase wheat at this time, be sure to ask the source of the wheat and IF they can guarantee that the wheat can be grown/sown as your future source of living food.

There are many kinds of grains that may also be NON-GMO, so do be advised that it would be wise to do your homework prior to placing your order.

Corn that is used in food products now is mostly “Monsanto” seed. Corn is difficult to source as ORGANIC NON-GMO for long-term use. Because most organic NON-GMO corn has a high content of moisture, this means that it will “sour” in the bucket.

To ensure that corn will last for “long-term” use, most companies dealing in Storage Foods have stringent moisture-level guidelines. In other words, these companies must be able to guarantee that your grains do NOT have a moisture content over 10%. Moisture levels should be 10% or less.

Organic corn and wheat where the moisture level is over 10% (too high) are usually available at your friendly Co-op, Natural Food Stores, Supermarkets, and online suppliers. They are sold to be used within a very short space of time. It is not bad corn or wheat but it has too much moisture to allow it to be kept and used as a LONG-TERM storage item WITHOUT SPOILAGE.

We are at this time researching other grains that may also be under threat and will endeavor to keep this community advised.

Soybeans will be our next target to source as a moisture agreeable bean for Long-Term Storage. Yes, this too is one of Monsanto’s seed stocks.


The Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON) is a U.S.-based multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation. It is the world's leading producer of the herbicide glyphosate, marketed as "Roundup". Monsanto is also the leading producer of genetically engineered (GE) seed; it provides the technology in 90% of the genetically engineered seeds used in the US market.

Monsanto's development and marketing of genetically engineered seed and bovine growth hormone, as well as its aggressive litigation, political lobbying practices, seed commercialization practices and "strong-arming" of the seed industry[4] have made the company controversial around the world and a primary target of the alter-globalization movement and environmental activists. As a result of its business strategies and licensing agreements, Monsanto came under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department in 2009.[4][5]


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