Hour 4 Hour Time Exchange

Requests and Offers
March 24, 2011


Needs help moving
Mainly stuff to haul is outdoor bench, garden swing, car ramps, garden tools,igloo dog house & misc. items. Round trip from Rainier & back roughly 40 miles (Clearwood Community) will help with fuel cost. Available Wednesday night-Thursday morning(early)- Friday morning/afternoon ONLY.(March 24-26) Please call Kay: 360-704-8843. Thank you!

Lots of Volunteers Needed
The South Sound Green Tour, April 16-17, is a major event, sponsored by the NW EcoBuilding Guild, a member of our time bank. More than 3,000 people are anticipated to tour South Sound building sites that have used green and sustainable building practices.

Volunteers are needed for all phases of this event to: Get the word out; Set up/ tear down; Docents, drivers, etc during the event...

Go to http://www.ecobuilding.org/guild-chapters/olympia/green-tour and click on 'I want to volunteer' to see a list of the ways we can use your help. Let Chris vanDaalen know you are with the time bank if you sign up on the website..

If you would like to be an Exhibitor at the EcoExpo 2011 to promote your Green Business, you can find appropriate links there as well (Please note that booth fees not available with time bank hours)

Info Table Volunteers
Volunteers for tabling at community events on behalf of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild. Contact Chris vanDaalen 360-789-9669 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be added to our list of possible volunteers. When we have planned events, we'll put out a request, but often opportunities can arise with short notice.

If you have specific knowledge or interests related to our Green Building mission, alternative energy, etc, let Chris know.

Editor / Coordinator for our e-Newsletter
“Seeing Green” is published bi-weekly by the NW Eco-Building Guild.

Visit http://www.EcoBUilding.org to learn more about our organization and the kinds of issues we address.

Contact Chris vanDaalen 360-789-9669, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Both A Request & Offer

Computer Skills Sharing
Are you interested in sharing a computer skill with others or learning a new skill? "One on One" is a new Community Computer Skills Coaching Program at the Rainier Library, a member organization of our time bank.

Volunteer at the Rainier Library and team up with Rainier School teens to work one-on-one with community members in our library during regular open hours.

This is a perfect opportunity for all participants to both teach and learn! You don't need to be an expert to be a computer coach. If you are good with email, YOU can help a new beginner! If you need more skills, someone can help you.

You can use your timebank hours to learn a new computer skill and receive timebank hours by sharing a skill you know with someone else.

Stop by the Rainier Library (located in the Old Historic School House) or Call: (360) 446-4800 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Go Green Brainstorming for business
The NW Eco-Building Guild Members will provide Eco-charette services to help businesses become more ecologically and socially sustainable. 2-3 Guild Members join with your business team for a 2-3 hour session to brainstorm and evaluate ideas for helping your business “Go Green.” This can also apply to construction projects as a precursor to an integrated design process, in which case architects, designers, and contractors give an hour of time to consult on your project, with an understanding that if and when you seek bids for the work, they will have a chance to offer one.
Contact Chris vanDaalen 360-789-9669.

Resources & workshops available
As an organization, we can provide H4H members access to trainings, workshops, conferences, and eco-charette services for businesses wanting “focus group” support for making their businesses as ecologically and socially responsible as possible. We can also provide public speakers for others events knowledgeable about any aspect of green building.

See some of the resources & workshops we have available at http://www.EcoBuilding.org

EcoBuilding Guild members will be invited to join the Time Bank and offer their professional services, or other services, at their discretion. If you see someone you'd like to work with, invite them to join, and share your positive experiences.

Note: Percentage of H4H hours we can take for services or classes the EcoBuilding Guild coordinate will vary, as our speaker arrangements vary with the parties involved.


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