Past Life Regression for Healing

By Rick Ranum and Laurie Lilinoe

When Jan Jones discovered Rick Ranum was a practicing hypnotherapist, she asked if he would write an article for “Masters Connection” about past life and life between lives hypnotherapy, referencing the book Soul Survivor. Rick said, “Sure”, and asked fellow hypnotherapist, Laurie Lilinoe, to join him in writing the article. Laurie and Rick share both an office and longtime interest in past life and life between lives hypnotherapy.

There has been a recent upsurge of interest in reincarnation as a result of the book Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot by Andrea and Bruce Leininger. Soul Survivor chronicles the story of the authors’ child, James, who as a two-year-old began experiencing traumatic nightmares of dying in a fiery airplane crash as a World War II fighter pilot. In an effort to help their son the skeptical parents contacted a past life regression therapist. As soon as James was invited to share his past life memories his nightmares dramatically decreased and he started to articulate numerous details about his former life. Jamesʻ parents recorded over 50 memories that are independently verifiable about his former family, his Navy comrades, the plane he flew, and the war. This book is very credible and will be much loved by the 24% of Americans who believe in reincarnation. The story may even give pause to skeptics, and convince some, such as Mr. and Mrs. Leininger, that we have all lived before and our distant past influences our present.

The purpose of this article is to share the therapeutic value of accessing and working with past lives and the life between lives state. Although it is not uncommon for young children to remember, and even speak of, past lives, it is often the case that the memories go unrecognized. And then, as the child ages, the memories start to fade. The Leininger case is a rare exception, where past life memories were so vivid the parents were forced to pay attention. Although most people have no conscious memory of their past lives, the memories are stored in their subconscious, along with associated emotions, talents and behaviors. Some of those memories negatively affect people’s lives, whether they realize it or not, causing all sorts of problems such as nightmares; phobias; underlying feelings of anger, fear, resentment, and so forth.

Past life hypnotherapy has proven to be very beneficial in uncovering the root cause of many problems, resulting in healing and peace. This is possible because hypnosis works with the alpha state, a state that is responsive to reprogramming. Rick and Laurie have seen many remarkable transformations, in as few as one or two sessions, both in their own lives and in the lives of their clients.

A case in point is one of Rick's clients who had all her life disliked her looks. She has good looks, but she was never happy with the person in the mirror. In this life the urge toward perfection and order dominated her from early childhood. She pulled hairs out as a child if they would not stay put. A past life revealed her to be in the old American West in the 1800's. She was a gorgeous blond working in dance halls. For all her beauty, she had a difficult life and was dominated and used by a gruff man. She died in her early thirties as a result of physical injury from that man. This regression allowed her to understand the feelings she had toward the reflection she saw in the mirror and she began to heal. She reports that she has come to an understanding of the role that physical beauty plays in our level of self-acceptance, and the healing and perspective gained has been significant.

Another example comes from the case of a woman who had been betrayed by a religious leader, a man she revered and loved. Even though the incident had taken place many years ago in this life and the man is no longer alive, the woman was still saddled with feelings of anger and guilt about what had happened to her and how it had affected her family. As Laurie worked with her, the client was able to see that she had ties to this man going back to a previous lifetime in India, and she was able to communicate with him in the between lives state. The result was understanding, forgiveness and a deep healing at the soul level.

As the above case points out, sometimes it is the experiences in this life that are responsible for the symptomatic pain or problem a client has. Very often however, the roots of that experience lay in one or more past lives. People reincarnate in groups; with the same people over and over again. People reincarnate to learn and practice love and forgiveness, and to work on many other lessons. Who better to learn from and practice with, than members of our own soul family, group, and nation? We come back to Earth to work through karma, to strengthen ties and to work together for the betterment of all. The client who re-examined her life in the old American West recognized the gruff man who had killed her then as someone she had a relationship with in this life. This time around the client ended her relationship with him before he met his karma and was killed in a violent fashion. The client who was betrayed by the religious leader recognized a current close friend as her sister in the life in India, and her current husband as a brother in that life. Rick is married to a woman who was an adopted daughter in a previous life and Laurie is married to a man she has been with in numerous incarnations. Through millennia those close to us have been siblings, spouses, parents, antagonists, and protagonists. Our family and group roles change, our gender changes, but we are the same souls. We choose our lifetimes for the opportunity for our soul growth.

Where we are born and whom we are born to is not an accident in time or space. As a four-year-old James Leininger remembered choosing his parents and told his stunned father about it. As recounted in the book Soul Survivor, it happened after Mr. Leininger kissed James and told him how happy he was to have him as a son. James responded by saying “That’s why I picked you. I knew you would be a good daddy.” James went on to tell him how he had picked his mommy and daddy when they were on vacation in Hawaii and he perfectly described the pink hotel where they were staying. It was just five weeks after that vacation that Mrs. Leininger conceived James.

Some past life hypnotherapy sessions, and all life between lives hypnotherapy sessions, are beneficial simply because they are so beautiful and full of love. For example, Laurie re-experienced an idyllic life in ancient pre-ali`i Hawai`i. It was a life of deep spiritual knowing, peace, and close family relations. In another example that profoundly affected Rick, he found himself back two hundred million years ago when he visited the earth in a wispy energy body. This was prior to human polarity as we know it. During the regression he was specifically told that the purpose of the experience was to see where he came from, that now is the time to integrate everything he can, and “we as humans don't understand how wonderful we really are.”

Yes, we are wonderful. We may have wounds, but we are wonderful. We have such capacity for love, strength, creativity, and everything that is good.

The book Soul Survivor concludes with a scene near Chichi-Jima, where James Leininger had been once before, back when he was known as James Huston and he was a World War II fighter pilot. Chichi-Jima, near Iwo Jima, is the place where James Huston was shot down. Mr. and Mrs. Leininger and their then six-year-old son have gone to Chichi-Jima to drop flowers into the water as a memorial for the downed pilot. It is an emotional, but ultimately healing scene. Mrs. Leininger holds her son and tells him “James Huston has been a part of your life for as long as you can remember. And he will always be an important part of who you are. It’s time for you to let go.” Little James cries, places the flowers in the sea and says good-bye to James Huston, returning home in peace.

James Leininger had been healed of his wounds caused by a previous life that was cut short in war. The circle was completed with knowledge, letting go, relief, and understanding. The Leininger story is a gift to those who need tangible proof that there is something beyond death, and that life has meaning.

Even if a client has not been bothered with nightmares as James Leininger was, past lives can carry very strong emotions, both good and bad. A past life regression therapist is trained to help the client re-experience past life events in a number of ways. Sometimes the client will relive the experience, sometimes the client will be directed to become an observer of the experience. However, the client is always in charge and aware of what is happening. The client’s own subconscious mind “stands at the door” safeguarding what the client experiences. The subconscious mind lets through only what the client can safely handle. This allows a safe, comfortable, life-changing experience.

We are wonderful. Past life and life between lives hypnotherapy are powerful tools to help us heal our wounds and embrace our wonderfulness.

Recommended books for further reading: Children’s Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child by Carol Bowman

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton

Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss

Many Mansions: The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation by Gina Cerminara

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