Question of the Week

Asked of students of the Phoenix Rising School.

Just as I was writing this I checked the website to find that the Critical Times update event for March 4th 2011 has been canceled. Even so I am still going to pose the question: if you could ask Ramtha one question, what would it be?

Although my original intent was to stimulate question for the upcoming event, I think it is still worth asking. I have no doubt that the mind of god will provide answers. Our collective mastermind is a great resource.

To start this conversation, we asked children from the Pheonix Rising school what they would like to ask Ramtha and here is what they said:

1. When will I be a big princess? (Age 3)

2. Is the king of Austria still alive? ...Because I miss him so much. (Age 4)

3. What’s beyond the void? (Age 6)

4. How do you go into JZ’s body? (Age 6)

5. Can you talk to orbs? (Age 6)

6. How do you make a marshmallow, and how do you make a battery? (Age 6)

7. Can me and one of my friends fly? (age 7)

8. How come if you are a different color, that color doesn’t show up? (Age 7)

9. How do you make power? (Age 7)

10. What was I in my past lifetime? (Ages 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

11. Since the future is now, my dad has food and such but nothing else. Will you help us a little? (Age 9)

12. Will I find my horses or will I get them back from my uncle? ( Age 9)

13. Will my sisters and nieces come and live with me at my land? (Age 9)

14. How long will my dogs live? (Age 9)

15. How long will my cats live (Age 9)

16. Will I survive in the future? (Age 12)


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