South Sound Seed Stewards - Monthly Meetings for 2017


If you are a gardener and want to take your efforts to the next level, this is your opportunity to learn the necessary steps to successfully save your vegetable seeds. Why should you want to save your own seeds? There are so many reasons, but here are just a few:

  • Save Money – Harvest your own seeds so you aren’t purchasing new seeds each year.
  • Regional Adaptability – Seeds harvested from plants grown in your home region have already started adapting to your specific growing conditions and environment.
  • Consistent Quality – Since you are selecting which plants you harvest seeds from you can obtain the consistent quality you are looking for.
  • Independence from Large Industrial Agribusiness Corporations – There is a trend from large agribusiness corporations to take over the seed industry and provide only the varieties they choose.
  • Maintain the Continuance of Heirloom and Open Pollinated Varieties – Many seed varieties have been lost and are no longer available.
  • Joy of Growing your Own Food – Not only do you have the independence of growing your own food but knowing exactly where it came from.

WHEN: Monthly meetings beginning January 9th, 2017.
WHERE: Yelm Senior Center, 16530 103rd Ave SE, Yelm, WA 98597.
TIME: 7:00 P.M.

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South Sound Seed Stewards Mission Statement:
Knowing that in our present geopolitical state, many seed companies, which have provided the non-hybrid and open-pollinated varieties, are no longer in business and/or are producing hybrid varieties mainly for the commercial growers, South Sound Seed Stewards has organized for the purpose of:

  • Encouraging community independence and self-reliance through producing and sharing locally-adapted, open-pollinated seeds.
  • Providing for the home gardener an educational resource in sustainable gardening.
  • Protecting and collecting the seed from our non-hybrid, open- pollinated varieties
  • Creating a Seed Bank of non-hybrid, open-pollinated seeds which have been acclimated to our region.

South Sound Seed Stewards 2017 Program:
South Sound Seed Stewards begins the New Year with new programs and classes for the seasoned gardener and the new gardener. A Healthy Garden List of vegetables grown specifically in the South Sound area will allow you to become sustainable in providing your own organic food source. Learn to produce your own seeds from your garden. Program and class begins Monday, January 9th.Meetings are held once a month at the American Legion 103rd and Grove Road Yelm, Washington

January: Introduction and Registration (How to read seed catalogues. Binomial Classification).

South Sound Seed Stewards


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