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Comment from MC2020 Reader Bo on the blog post County Commissioner Races by Florence Vincent

I love and respect the author of the Sept. 3rd article about the candidates for county commissioners. The author's good intentions are obvious and unquestionable. However, I respectfully disagree with the conclusions that the ex-sheriff Gary Edwards is a Republican and he does not care about the environment.

First of all, Gary Edwards is running as an Independent for a reason, knowing that his chances of winning would increase greatly if he would affiliate himself with either major party.

Personally, I'm disappointed with both parties and feel that we have too much government in many aspects of our lives. As such, I've decided to vote for the person running for office and what they stand for, and not the party.

Regarding the gopher regulations and their allegedly minimal impact on property owners - again I disagree. As a real estate professional and a property owner, I have seen many property owners hugely affected by this law, suffering both construction delays and additional costs. As an example, I applied for a permit for an agricultural building for hay storage on my property where I live in August of 2015. Prior to the gopher study requirement, I would have been able to get this permit on the spot, pay about $70 and construct my building immediately. As it is, I paid over $550, I am still going through the gopher study and will be lucky to get this building constructed next year!

Also, I can quote many examples of vacant land sales that did not happen because of this requirement. Buyers bypass properties which require gopher study in favor of those that do not require it. Ultimately, this lowers the value of these properties.

I love and protect our environment and endeavor to live consciously but I think people need to be a protected species as well. Why is it that our neighboring counties are not affected by the same federal laws as we are in Thurston County? Could it be that we have over-zealous commissioners?

I would encourage everyone to participate in the upcoming elections. As Plato put it very aptly: “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being ruled by someone inferior to yourself.” I listened to Gary Edwards' message and I like what he says. Take your power back and vote for Gary Edwards!



0 #1 Rex McCrary 2016-09-17 14:07
I have to agree 100% with this article. Many of us who have bought property here have found out that under Sandra Romero, we have lost our ability to build on that land due to ridiculous regulations (pocket gopher, etc.), impact fees, and exhorbitant permit rates. It appears that the only building that Romero wants is within urban areas and that sounds suspiciously like the United Nations Agenda 21 where people are herded into highrise 'stack and pack' housing, use public transportation, work for big corporations, and eat Monsanto-tainte d food. It's time to take back the right to live on our rural land, grow our own food and keep the Romero's of the world from destroying our fundamental property rights. Gary Edwards has my vote!!

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