Days for Girls - Ready, Set, Here We Sew Again!

Last year the Yelm Chapter of Days for Girls delivered 100 feminine hygiene kits to young girls in Sierra Leone. It took us four months of concentrated effort by an amazing team of committed, caring individuals to make it happen. AND now we are ready to get started on our next project.

It is an amazing feeling to realize that each kit, made with our own hands, travels thousands of miles around the globe into the hands of a precious young woman that will use it for three years to be able to stay in school for an additional five days each month. That is a gift of 180 days during those three years. 180 days that she will not be ostracized, left to bleed in isolation and shame. She will be able to stay in school and ultimately contribute to raising her family out of the soul-sucking cycle of poverty. Statistics show that for every year a girl stays in school after the age of 12 her family’s income increases by 20%. Three years will compound the benefits of her education into unlimited possibilities for her, her family and her community.

So... that is why we are doing this labor of love and why we invite you to join our efforts. If you can sew that’s great, but we have lots of other jobs that anyone can do. Come to our organizing meeting this Wednesday evening at 7pm at 17008 146th Ave SE, Yelm. If you need directions or additional information, call 360-480-5790. Just bring yourself and a great attitude.


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