Why I Believe In Ramtha

Dear RSE students,

I am writing a book about why I believe in Ramtha.

I would like to ask you as a master of the Great Work, if you would like to share with me some of your experiences, which made you accept Ramtha as your master teacher, that I could include in my book.

RSE has already granted me permission to write such a book provided that I follow the guidelines regarding what is appropriate for the book. I will provide the attachments showing I have clearance for publication & the guidelines you can use to state your own experience.

An example of experience I like to share would be like this extraordinary experience I had with Ramtha.

I am one of eight children from a Dominican family extremely devoted to the Church —when I was a child, we had to do our prayers four times a day, we attended mass every Sunday. We did Sunday school. Religion and dogma were with us every inch of the way. Fortunately, thanks to my teacher Ramtha, I have learned how to free myself from the heavy programming I received from the Catholic Church as I was growing up.

I had an extraordinary experience with Ramtha in the name field which made me aware he is for real. I lived in New York at that time. I was three months pregnant with my son Adonai. His father did not want me to travel from New York to Yelm where I would be required to do Fieldwork. He worried that something could happen to the baby if I had a rough time in the field with people bumping into me. It was a risk, but I did it anyway. I knew that if my focus was good enough, nobody would collide with me and we would be fine.

It was winter, very cold and wet, but nothing stopped me from going to the field into a long discipline that could last up to seven hours. After some six hours of work, I became very tired, cold and hungry. It was hard to maintain my focus and protect my belly from the other students & the rough conditions in the field. I got really scared.

Then Ramtha spoke to me. He told me that my child was a boy, and that I should not worry because no harm would come to my baby or myself. He said other things too. My English at that time was not very good; I did not understand him, but to me this was enough. This was such a surge of energy that fear, hunger and exhaustion were immediately dissipated, and I continued my Fieldwork with joy. Ramtha knew what no one else knew at that time. I myself did not know that it was going to be a boy.

Because of these and many other experiences I’ve had over the years, in my book, I would love to put together our common experiences which have removed any shadow of a doubt about Ramtha.

Thank you so much for your attention.


Martha Solis
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