On the Phenomena of Epilepsy - My First Breakthrough in 23 Years

Submitted by MC2020 reader, Neil Kennedy, Rotorua, New Zealand

I was a reluctant groom when I came to Yelm in September 1989. I came looking for answers to something that had bugged me for over 50 years - the experience termed epilepsy. Medical science had been of little help and I had run out of options by the time I heard of Ramtha.  Not overly impressed but if he was as good as he was reputed, I would soon be good to go. Definitely worth a shot.. So I attended a couple of events and in early 1990 took the opportunity to ask Ramtha about the phenomena of epilepsy. He replied that "it used to be considered divine but its not quite". "And I give you a symbol, that of a lightning bolt hitting the brain"

Little did i know that it would take over 20 years to begin to understand his words, for the symbol to begin to manifest (I have had this symbol on almost all of my cards cards since this time) and to realize why he wouldn't give me a direct answer)!!!. I longed to ask him more but to no avail. For example, the first event I missed in 1996 Ramtha had Q&A for 4 days. I was definitely not impressed,.

But back to the topic.
For me the "epilepsy" took on the form of mostly short duration outages ("zaps" I call them) which range from 15 seconds to 2 minutes at a time with some being 5-10 minutes and considerably longer. Thirty plus per day is quite "normal" with the max being approx 150 ( one day at an event).  I did not let them slow me down too much and just got on with life.

The features of the zaps are as follows:

1. In my face everyday -- medication didn't have any long term effect.
2. No prior warning -- I am only aware that I have been "away" when I come back.
3. Considerable download of electricity - medical science calls it an electrical short.
4. There is no time or emotion in this space (and thus no personality).
5. I ALWAYS function in this space, although sometimes out of phase. For example I go to put food in the microwave and it ends up in the refrigerator. Particularly annoying sometimes when I sit down to enjoy a nice coffee and a snack. And come back to find that I have finished both and completely missed the experience.
6. I am ALWAYS physically safe no matter what I am doing. A somewhat bizarre example is being balanced up a tree cutting off branches with a chain saw. In such instances I can be away for several minutes and come back to the sound of the chain saw screaming in my ear (and still cutting away). Not your usual party trick
7. From early days in the School, I KNEW there had to be immense creative power in that space.  My frustration was that I did not know how to utilize it. It was like sitting in a Formula One racing car and not knowing how to get it into gear (no matter what I did).

So you may ask "Why did I continue with the school.?"  Simply because I knew too much not to know.  Back in 1990 had developed a form of bodywork which allowed me the opportunity to apply the teachings and facilitate rapid change (healing) in many people. They began to ask what the blue colour (ultra violet, deep electric blue ) represented in their body.  I had no answer at that time but of course when Ramtha taught the blue body approx 3 years later it started to make sense. So I saw a lot of magic unfold, particularly where trauma involved.

Despite this, my personality wanted out. I can say this because in 1999 many people will remember the anguish when Ramtha said he was leaving. For me, I was so pleased as it gave me the excuse not to go back to school. A month later He was back. Bugger.

A big question for me has been "Where do I (my consciousness) go when I am "away"?  The answer came when Ramtha, on the first day of the November follow up, spoke about the vacuum and its significance for interacting with the future.  I realized that the zaps are a vacuum and in that space I go to the FUTURE, which is the reason I am always physically safe when I am "away".  Which means YOU likewise have to be safe when you are in/of the future. I can say this with some certainty as I can estimate having gone there in excess of 500,000 times (approx 1-1.5 years).
Another question that intrigued me was "If I was in chaos going into a "zap" (a long pause), why didn't it manifest? "The answer being"... Because you cannot take your past into the vacuum and thus the future"
And the reason medication never worked - because it was endeavoring to treat a malady from the future.
So you may ask where am I at now that I KNOW where I go. Still a work in progress. I am simply working on being lucid - a word that Ramtha told me to focus upon many years ago.  Now that I am beginning to understand its significance - it represents the infra structure to come and go. And I am after it with a vengeance.!!  The number of "zaps" has increased, particularly just after I get out of bed. So 20-30 before breakfast is common. My holy spirit/ball of light flits away like an untrained puppy. Perhaps there should be an obedience school to remedy this..And the next time I go up a tree with a chainsaw I will take an extra pair of ear muffs.

And the answer to my comment as to why Ramtha would not give me a direct answer?   Because epilepsy, like divinity, is of itself a no thing and requires separation (involution and evolution) to bring it home. Couple this with a thought I recently had that the frequency shift scheduled for Dec 2012 /2013 was an integral part of that process. If I have this correct, how could Ramtha ever explain to a yellow brain/personality that I had a malady of the future and that I would have to wait over 20 years for a dimensional shift before I could begin to utilize it. Thus small wonder that the symbol Ramtha gave me all those years ago couldn't manifest.
So my experience with epilepsy can perhaps be described as a classic obvious/ unobvious for I have spent much of my life endeavoring to get out of vacuum rather than into it.

To conclude, the above is but a brief summary of my journey.  There is a story behind the story which leads back to the plane of bliss.  Perhaps I shall have the opportunity to tell the full story on stage sometime for it is but a reflection of your own journey. The difference is perhaps mine has been in my face a bit more than yours so should my story inspire but two of you I have more than done my bit.

I leave you with Ramtha's final words to me on stage in Australia in Dec 2008. "Do the disciplines every day, learn everything I teach you, BE PATIENT, LET IT COME."

ps   As I write this story I realize that Ramtha gave me a taste of being in the future on that December day in 2008. When he called me on stage I said to him, "Ramtha I am blown away.  I have less and less reason not to know".   Even I was surprised for the words seemed to come out of left field. I realize now that those words were not for that moment but for NOW, THIS MOMENT.  Over four years later, Ramtha, I am indeed blown away.

pps   Michael Knight in his wonderful article in Masters Connection (Dec 15 2012) said that it behoves us to make full use of the opportunity that Ramtha and JZ have given us. For the next opportunity may be a long time coming.
We are indeed blessed.  "How could I have come thus far with out the help of a Master teacher?"

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