My Trip Back

Hi Jan,
          Trish and I had booked a bus trip to Pendleton in Oregon some months back and we were due to go on Tuesday 17. The snow had already started as we left our driveway on the early morning journey to Olympia to pick up the bus. We had a great time in Oregon and started our trip back on the bus on Thursday 19. The journey was slow as the effects of the storm had reached these parts, and the bus driver had to put on chains to get back to Portland. We picked up 13 people from another tour at the Portland airport as their flight to Seattle had been cancelled.
There was no snow in Portland but as we drove north the snow was becoming more evident. Then we noticed from Maytown on there was no lighting and the snow was getting thicker. Tumwater, Lacey and Olympia had no power.
We were dropped off at our car and proceeded to drive back to Rainier via the road past the Redwind casino and Yelm. The only lights we saw were at the casino.
The further we went the more fallen trees and damage we saw and the road was just wide enough for one car to drive. Yelm and Rainier were in darkness and it was now 10.30 pm. It had taken 12 hours to get here,a trip which would have taken 5 in good weather.
I was dropped off at the bottom of my drive and started to walk the last 1/4 mile to my house with only a mini flashlight to see with.
Snow 14 inches deep and 1/2 an inch of ice on top made it difficult enough without the added challenge of crawling over and under fallen trees.
I was met at the house by a tail wagging dog. I took my boots off and walked into the house. The house was warm from the propane heater.I turned on the lights supplied by solar panels and batteries, filled the kettle, turned on the propane stove top to make a cup of coffee. I sat back, warm and comfortable after the journey and glad of all the preparation I had done. The house had no damage from trees as those closest to the house had been removed.
My story seems rather tame however I am very thankful of the workable system I have been using for the last 20 years and that this event had minimal impact on my safety and comfort.
After the neighbors and I had cleared the road, I was able to apply my time to assisting others in repairing damage to their properties.