Yeast Fry Bread

My neighbor and I gratefully learned that you can use cast iron frying pans to bake/cook yeast bread on the top of a propane stove.  We erroneously had assumed the oven was propane too, however, it was electrical (I didn't know there were hybrid stoves out there).  Previously, I had only cooked Bannock fry bread on a stove top.  This is a thick baking powder dough that you cook in oil on slow heat and flip once the first side is browned.  So when I arrived at my neighbors with fully leavened bread ready for the oven, we improvised and flopped the breads into large, well oiled, heated frying pans.  We reshaped the dough somewhat and then used lids to hold the heat in at the top.  Once the first side became golden brown (after about 20 minutes), they were quite easy to flip over in spite of their size because the bottom portion had developed into a firm crust.   Keep a watchful eye on the cooking side so it doesn't burn - low heat only.  The bread turned out delicious, and it is so much better than the baking powder variety.  I had used the wonderful Artisan Bread Recipe that was previously published on the Masters Connection Newsletter.