What I learned in 5 days without power

HI to All at Masters Connection and around the world.

I live in the Bald Hills area of Yelm, and do not have a power generator, as I do not wish to 'have the noise' nor use the fuel to drive the generator. Nor do I have solar panels, which in strong winds could be subject to flying debris. I do have large fir trees surrounding my home and some quite close. These magnificent trees are the 'guardians of the circle' in which home, outbuildings and vehicles reside'. They did not harm any of these things!!!

I trust greatly in our ability to create and manifest what we desire even in a storm. I often reflect upon the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, and create around myself 'an absolute force field bubble of safety and protection' (much like the golden egg only of clear light) that extends into the earth. I then expand this bubble to include the hill upon which I live, the valley, expanding this out to include our town and environs, and realize this also goes into the earth as well. During this five days without power, I expanded that bubble to include the whole of the state of Washington, to 5,000 feet (allowing natural conditions on mountains etc). I was so impressed that the 'gusting winds' did not materialize, especially while our trees were snow and ice bound and it sounded like a battlefield of artillery fire, with snapping branches and tops falling off of trees etc. I was overjoyed to find a pile at the bottom of some trees, branches/tops all neatly piled together close to the tree. How brilliant is that?

What is stunning is that all trees were culled of excess needles, branches etc, and now my property is filled with LIGHT especially at night and to the north, so I am bathed in the lights of Seattle/Tacoma at night, whereas these were screened from view in the past.

Also those hardwood trees, like maple, madrona and oak had their big branches simply snapped sometimes under the load, and what beautiful hardwood for next winter!!!

Having a well pump, and clean water already stored in 5 gallon containers supplied all needs each day for 2 people very easily, and hand pumping water was not necessary in this short period.

The best of all was that all items from fridge and freezer were kept wonderfully cold by the bounty of snow (10 - 12 inches first time I have ever seen so much) packed into bread baking containers, sustaining all items and useable over that time, and using a cooler outside also works. The wood stove with a large convection fan (no electric power) kept our house warm in below freezing temperatures and was perfect for cooking and gourmet meals were on the menu and greatly enjoyed. Somehow the quiet of the power grid was lovely, although the cell towers seem to still radiate so not as great as in the past for the 'grid being off', and candle light is lovely too.

Best of all is the quiet PEACE experienced in focus knowing we are safe and all that we need is always provided. Blessings to all as we hold our Mother Earth in LOVE AND SAFETY in her journey too!!!


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ER