I don't have any stories about your snowstorm, but I can tell you about the April 27,2011 tornadoes we had here in Alabama.  My power was out for 10 days, and my phone and internet was out for nearly six weeks.  As I had just purchased a propane refrigerator less than a month before this happened...couldn't think of another thing I would have done differently.  It made all the difference between an experience that was mostly an inconvenience where it could have been a major headache.  That said, it took until August to clean up the debris and cut and split all the firewood that resulted.  Nobody traveled much that first day as there were so many trees and power lines blocking most of the roads in this county.  It took me and my neighbors a couple of days just to clear my driveway of fallen trees.  I think I netted about 5 truckloads  of good oak and hickory firewood.

Interestingly, we have a weather situation developing for the overnight hours here that may see severe weather again, with tornadoes also a possibility.  This time, I think I will go to my UG and spend the night there, unlike the last time! So, I guess that is the one thing I might do differently tonight! :)