My electricity just came on at 10:30 this morning and I just finished reading your newsletter – after I sent the earlier email

I own a generator. It is old and hasn’t been run for years. I had no gas. My chain saw is broken. But I had water and heat and a way to cook, so I was blessed. In connection to the “Sovereignty! What is it?” that I just sent, I find I do not need all the preparations. They really are not important. Water, food, warmth and shelter are really all that is necessary. And of course an attitude of surrender to my Holy Spirit. We lost many trees on our land. One large one just missed the house. But all is well. And some wonderful neighbors came over to clear my driveway of fallen trees, and to stabilize the big tree that came down. And what a blessing not have my computer! I spent many many hours each day in Twilight, contemplating, reading, cards, C&E, Candle Focus, the Neighborhood Walk. I have decided to put a 1 hour timer on my computer and really limit the amount of time I spend doing useless things.

Again, anonymous please.