Keeping FOOD from spoiling

Great idea, you two ! I am looking forward to learning from others. Here is what I have to offer.

First of all, did all of us have to change some HABITS? Oh yeah ! Great runner there.

When the electricity was out too long for the preservation of the food in the refrigerator and freezer (only a small amount in top of refrigerator), I took out the refrigerator items and put them into a storage unit I had prepared for storing apples, potatoes, etc. during winter. It was perfect at 40 degrees. It sits on my patio on a table. Good to have a thermometer for checking temperature inside the box.


You will need a large oblong shaped plastic storage container with lid. (60 gallon?)
What ever size you choose, you will need two cardboard boxes that fit into each other.
and then fit into that storage container, with space to spare for insulation stuffing

Tuck in the side panels of the outside box, but leave inner box lids loose.
Measure the footage for allsurfaces of theinner cardboard box.
Get some REFLECTEX INSULATION (comes by the roll and is a R-9).
You will also need a roll of Reflectex Tape. (locally "Yelm Lumber" carries this).
You will need enough to cover outside and inside of all surfaces of the inner box,
including the flaps.You tape it in place.
If you have some extra Reflectex, you can just placesome sheetsbetween the two cardboard boxes.
Stuff newspaper in the bottom of the plastic container, then put in the outer box,
then the insulated inner box into it. Stuff more newspaper or any kind of packing material into
all the sides around the outer cardboard box andany space between the twoboxes.
When in use, cover the top of the cardboard boxes also with more cardboard pieces and/or newspaper
before placing the lid over it. Be generous with all insulation, as that will hold temps best.


I had very little frozen food to salvage, but found that I could keep it frozen in my camping cooler by just stuffing snow & later frozen snow into it and all around the food items. Then I placed the cooler on top of the snow. - I.A. Moore