John Glennie. “Master of the Sea.” part 2

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The next plane I saw was still climbing after take off. And it was directly overhead That gave me a longitude and a latitude.

This was the most mind-blowing emotional experience I have ever had.

I got a chart out and plotted, we must have been off Great Barrier Island. When I told the others, Phils' response was “I'll believe it if I see a gannet,” a sea bird common to Great Barrier island in the Hauraki gulf off Auckland. Two hours later he saw a gannet, and to put it mildly, after being convinced he was going to die he was a very happy man.

Before we saw land I knew I had created the “miracle”. I didn’t say anything, it was my personal miracle, I wasn't in their best books as it was.

We were finally washed on to the rocky coast of Great Barrier Island where we scrambled ashore through breaking waves as “Rose-Noelle” broke apart on the rocks. We climbed a steep cliff and broke into a holiday bach (cabin) the next day. Then the media frenzy started.

All that remained of Rose-Noelle after 3 days

In an article for the New Zealand Herald reporter Malcolm Pulman later used a quote from Joan of Arc: “There is no such thing as a miracle, to those who know how it is performed.”

Throughout my years at sea I had seen the wind, or lack of it, in many forms. I had been in wind-driven storms, dangerous squalls, and times of no wind at all as we sat becalmed in the doldrums. And prior to this apparently ill-fated voyage into the teeth of a gale that turned us upside down, I had been listening to some tapes recorded by an entity who called himself the “Lord of the Wind.” Ramtha, the Enlightened One.

My savior was the Lord of the Wind. He told me many years later he had been watching me and sent a ball of light down when I was on deck alone two weeks after the capsize.

At the time I had this inkling that Ramtha had somehow interfered with the wind patterns. There was no way we could possibly have returned against the prevailing winds that the old sailors used to circle the world. I knew it and all knowledgeable seamen knew it.

That's why the marine authorities in New Zealand doubted our story. Their initial air search for us had failed, and now they suspected we might have been running drugs or smuggling goods during our four-month disappearance. It took molluscs and a Marine inquiry to verify our story. The molluscs were found on some of the wreckage. They only grew in the latitude where we had capsized and they had attached themselves to the yellow topsides which had been under water for four months and traveled north along with us . We could never have faked that.

Nevertheless, despite that vindication and some success with my later book, “The Spirit of Rose-Noelle”, England will still not publish it because they're convinced it was all a hoax.

Some years later I moved to the United States and became a wandering promoter for my book, living in a small RV, while also attending events at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE). At one event Ramtha surprised me to no end, asking me to stand up, telling the audience I was his “Master of the Sea” and giving his side of the story.

It turned out that I was not the only one he had helped by intervening during severe storm conditions in that part of the world. As he told the audience, if I remember correctly, “I am rather fond of my name, Ramtha.”

Five years after our experience, a fleet of privately owned yachts was sailing from Auckland to take part in a Pacific regatta in Tonga (as I had been about to do). They got caught in a particularly bad tropical revolving storm which became known as “The Bomb.”

As a documentary which was made about that disaster would later reveal, a New Zealand navy frigate was dispatched to rescue the crews of several disabled yachts. The captain was interviewed and he said they had been battling huge seas and driving rain when they saw a green ball of light in the distance. It was totally out of place, so they went over to investigate. They found the disabled catamaran “Ramtha” and took the crew of two off to safety.

Two weeks later a yacht on a cruise to Fiji sighted another green ball of light in the distance. They too went over to see what it was and found the “Ramtha” abandoned and drifting without rudders, so they towed it to Fiji.

They say personal experience is personal truth, and I figure if you are in knowledge, open minded and aware you can manifest whatever you desire into reality. Especially if you’re in a state of deprivation. Close your eyes and you’re practically there. There is an upside to this adversity/deprivation thing.

There were a couple of things I was very grateful for. I had been given a few tapes from a Ramtha dialog before I left for what was to be the “Rose-Noelle's final voyage. In those tapes Ramtha said “The only impossible thing in this world is a closed mind” and “Don’t want for the miracles, be the Genie.” That was all I needed to know.

20 years have now passed as noted by the ‘The NZ Herald’:
I am now firmly planted on the land, well away from the sea, though I do have a 26 foot trailer sailer.

My lovely wife Ronaye and I spend our time in our garden and in ‘Coup de Ville’.

BBQ, Bananas and the greenhouse

Ronaye picking tomatoes in the earth bermed greenhouse


The underground 'Coop de Ville'

With my yacht designing skills and experience I designed and built a new house very much along hobbit home lines, but combining it with what I knew about building yachts out of concrete. Such yachts can withstand whatever nature can hand out. This “land yacht” or hobbit house is eight feet underground so it is protected from severe cold, heat, winds and EMP.

Because it was designed to be built by ourselves I consequently drew up plans for a build-it-yourself project. It is designed with a built in water tank under the floor and all in compound curves like an egg. This gives it incredible strength but also a wonderful feeling of openness. Together with a solar tube bringing in sunlight you don’t get the feeling of being underground.

So I named the design Sea Egg after a little spiny creature, also known as a Sea Urchin, found in the south seas. It is one with its surroundings but also has security spines for protection.

and my next dream? a new house to take advantage of our view

Its all about having dreams, isn't it Jan

John is  recognised as holding the world record for the longest time adrift in a cold climate. The following is a link to the interview with the LauraLee show / audio on demand "Lost at sea, a Survivors story"

You can contact John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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