My Extraordinary Experiences

Submitted by MC2020 reader, Jo MacDonald, Australia

We have all had miraculous experiences, but all my most extraordinary were linked inextricably to Ramtha's teachings for my experience.  Some have been astonishing - & witnessed, such as one, when logically I should have been killed, while plummeting down the side of the ski run beside Mt Rainier immediately after Ramtha's magnificent Event introducing the Observer!.  Instead, I had three experiences observing three potential outcomes.  Totally detached.  While running at speed down a precipitous slope ahead of a landslide.  In seconds.

My most frightening experience was in the days I used to fly over to Yelm 3 times a year - held in Immigration for many hours so that I missed my connecting flight to Yelm, & my shuttle - by a woman who was aggressive, threatening & very intimidating.  She went to another room for something, so I sat very quietly & breathed calmly , my mind calling out to Ram for the promised help if we were in trouble, my voice whispering it.  The woman returned completely metamorphed.  She reappeared as this sweet gentle helpful, encouraging woman, who then went out of her way to ease my late trip to Yelm.  Not the end of the story.  Because my ride had long left, I was stuck in Seattle - with no change for a phonecall.  The short story is that I KNEW that as I was meant to be there for my Dimensional Mind Event that I would manifest a ride.  And of course I did.  With complete strangers who were not actually going to Yelm - but did.

While I was in Blue College (oh most wondrous of times)  I bilocated 4 times.  I never felt the need to make this public, but regarded them as exquisitely precious gifts that further anchored my acceptance of everything we were taught, and we could do.  This in no way demeans the part my god played, but these incidences of magic would not have happened had I not been in the mind space created in BC.  I am eternally grateful for them.

This is but one example amongst all the extraordinary & magical things that happened to me in Yelm  - without question, as a direct result of Ram's teachings, many, but by no means all, during BC events.  So many, that astonishingly to me, I have even forgotten the details of some of them.  I believed they were permanently imprinted in my brain - but as Ram says, Yelm is a place of accelerated learning, and since returning to "ordinary" life (as distinct from the constantly extraordinary), the magic happens less frequently, those magnificent memories no longer nurtured to the same degree.

And when I was at death's door literally, about 5 years ago,  after major bowel surgery that went drastically wrong, in so much pain & getting little relief from the drugs, that I wanted to dieAnd I actually started to do that - "coincidentally" just as a nurse was on her way to read my obs.  And as my BP plummeted, it was Ramtha that came to my mind.  When I was so weakened as to be unable to summon the god within.  "How disrespectful of my Master Teacher is it to abandon 20 odd years of teaching glorifying life & Spirit just because things get tough?  How hypocritical, after all those thousands of toasts "To Life" ?  And am I not the frighteningly (in this instance) powerful god that Ram taught us we all are - when I can manifest starting to die in moments?  With that kind of power, do I not need to think very carefully which side of the river I want to be on?"   It took Ram's inspiration to pull me back into life - my choice now obvious.  Suddenly I was surrounded by 16 medical & nursing staff jabbing things into me - & the rest is history.

 My last  brush with death 2 years ago, when I was catapulted off a ladder 10  feet into rocks & roses on my head, I did not share everyone else's fears for me, in spite of the grotesquery that was my smashed-up appearance (and brain!); This time, because of the knowledge & wisdom of my accumulated experiences, I knew  without question that my god has this one in hand.  I simply did not accept the reality that was obvious to everyone else, including doctors.

Every day, I truly feel that I have been loved into Life - by my god, and no less, by Ramtha - & feel a more profound gratitude than I could express.



-1 #3 Sofia 2012-11-19 06:55
Thank you so much for sharing. You enhanced my day.
-1 #2 Jo Macdonald 2012-11-18 23:09
I agree with you Fieldwork on the Ocean; I am certain there are many thousands of wonderful stories that could be published. I know how inspiring I found it to hear as a Beginning student, all the wonderful stories shared by Masters, either staying at, or visiting Salsich Mansions , & many more shared by the passionate & entertaining student Ed wiltsie on the most amazing trip to the airport, long ago - that is certainly worth sharing in itself at some time
Jo Macdonald
0 #1 FieldworkontheOcean 2012-11-17 16:54
Jo MacDonald,
I love your story.
I KNEW when I published my story that other masters who experienced fantastic magical experiences would come out and share theirs. This makes me SOOO Happy!
If every student could start making it openly known, how inspiring it could be!
Like a torsion field raising up to Infinite Unknown.

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