The Circus Came to Phoenix Rising School

This week's theme in summer camp was the circus. The children had daily workshops to learn circus skills like juggling, tumbling, clowning, and creating animal balloons, all important future job skills.
The kids got right into the spirit of the circus by creating circus trains, and their own 3 ring shows, with tight rope walkers, animals jumping through hoops, (toy and child personified, of course!) and clowning. The kids chose and embellished their own clown faces to make them one of a kind.
Other free choice items are always available. The children spend unstructured lengths of time painting pictures, playing with Legos, playing cards and just relaxing. Ms. Jan's fabulous, big bubbles are a daily treat.
There is nothing more wonderful than the long, open days of summer. We are delighted to be able to provide a space for our children to be hard at play...which is a child's work.

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