Formula for Creating Reality

By Robert Mazzarella - an MC2020 reader

At Assay 2011, a top research physicist spoke. Then Ram taught us real knowledge and asked us to draw what we do to create reality. As I did field work, I was pondering the sequence of my images. I didn't find my card, but I was aroused me to form a comprehensive pattern of the steps I use to create reality, as well as how the back-story interferes. Understanding it all better would help me recognize when I fell off the track so I could self correct.

Ram mentioned a mathematical formula for spiritual concepts. Not a trained mathematician, I pondered how to clothe spiritual concepts in symbols so anyone could see the formula and get it, you know, like E= MC². Like words, symbols can mean anything you choose that others agree to. They conjure up images in your mind of the real object, thing, or idea. My made up symbols may mean different things in different systems. Let's map how Ramtha's © + E < ®. ®

Ω f x # >Δ ∞ § [~ ( )] > ≈ >*· *å *∂ *m *n *¥ *ç *ø ≤ ≥ *®!!!

©- Consciousness    +- And or Plus
E- Energy    <- Create
®- Reality    Ω- Law Giver (2ndary Consciousness)
#- Screen of Consciousness    f- Focus
x- Unknown    >- Goes to, or becomes
Δ- Observer    - Holy Spirit
§- Super String    [ ]- Dimension
~- Sound    ( )- Color
- Wave    ·- Particle, Electron
å- Atom    - DNA
m- Molecule    ç- Cell
n- Neuron    ø- Organs see, hear, taste, touch, smell
¥- Neuronet    *- New
- Back Story (BS)    ≤ ≥- Perceive or experience

Let's see what happens when BS≠ is triggered:

Ω ≠ # > ∂ n ¥ > Δ ∞ § [~ ( )] > ≈ >≠· >≠å >≠m >≠ç >≠n >≠¥ >≠ø ≤ ≥ ≠®

Secondary Consciousness (the Law Giver) Ω, who isn't paying attention, allows BS≠, time on its consciousness screen #. This common thought goes through the DNA ∂, neurons n, and neuro nets ¥, in the brain. The Observer Δ, looks at the command along with the Holy Spirit ∞. Super String §, forms dimension, sound and color with no changes ≠[~ ( )]. This becomes > waves≈, BS electrons ≠·, BS atoms ≠ å, BS molecules ≠ m, BS cells ≠ ç, BS organs ≠ ø that perceive or experience ≤ ≥ the same old, same old BS ≠ ®... Yawn!!! (Getting old just reading about it.)

Copyright © 2011 by Robert Mazzarella, All rights reserved
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